Getting a FASHIONABLE STRAP DRESS that suits your style is the best choice you’d made in this Summer.???

Where it visualises a youthful vibe and sculpts the shape of your body to the dress.??

It also matches easily with other outfits and accessories,

Just mix it up with a T-shirt or georgette dress and

effortlessly transform into a cute and playful look.???



A Vest Strap Dresses sports a refreshing casual look,

it’s V-neck cutting enhances your figure while a frill hem helps to pronounce a vibrant vibe.

Just throw in a clean white T-shirt to make a contrast on your stylish strap dress’s dark colour or vibrant colours. ?


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Strap Dress Sculpts a slimmer figure around your waist,

proportionates the upper body and the lower body,

and exudes an energetic college student vibe.???



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Jean-inspired Strap Dress delivers a resemblance of budding youth,

Its harder material also sets its shape and wouldn’t mould to the extra weight on the hip.??


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Summer is always the time for a soft palette, pinkish colours give a sweet & playful look,

it catches the eye when you go for shopping or taking Instagram pictures.????



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It won’t be sticky in the summer!

Admit it, we worry of the sun on our skin and sweat from the heat.

A Relaxed Loose Strap Dress covers your leg from the tan and cools off the body heat.????


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Lastly, Checker Vest in blue and white speaks of classic English.

Looks classic and youthful at the same time.

The man behind the camera can’t resist focussing on you.??


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Article Translated from 美丽说

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