BUY WHAT? – Make better buying decision

‘BUY WHAT?’ is a product recommendation site that helps you make better Buying Decision in Online Shopping. We constantly present the latest fashion trend & tips and recommend products that worth adding into your fashion wishlist, therefore with us, you won’t need to crawl over internet ?and crave for so much meaningless information you don’t even care! Here’s what inspire us to do this:-

BUY WHAT? - Make Better Buying Decision in Online Shopping

Everyone loves online shopping!

Well, maybe not everyone… But we, as an average Malaysian, feel grateful to have so many great online shopping sites and platforms around us, providing an alternative way of shopping while we are suffering from heavy traffic jam, parking difficulties and increasing price in everythings. We are not being exaggerated, online shopping has been giving us convenience and satisfaction that really make our life so much easier!

But, too many platforms and too many choices?

After years of experience of us running an online shopping site – SGshop, we noticed that our users face difficulties while choosing products. There are always thousands of choices when you search for a single item, it is really frustrating if you could not identify which choice is best for you.

Hence we created ‘BUY WHAT?’ to help you make better decision in buying things online!

BUYWHAT is also a buying-decision-making platform, where allow editors to share fashion trends & tips that applies to Malaysians, and allow readers to receive useful recommendation in buying things online. Nothing is more happy for us to know our readers are able to choose the most suitable product for themselves, thus we truly hope that BUYWHAT could actually benefit you! Please leave us any thoughts or feedback in the comment section, about whether you like the content/recommendation and how we can improve it, thank you!

Now, go to Homepage and start discovering, Enjoy! 🙂