Be Elegant in Puffy Lantern Sleeved Blouse

Want to look younger?

The Puffy Lantern Sleeved top is all you need! It will not only make you look younger by at least 5 years,
it can even help you hide those unwanted fats under your upper arm.


– 1 -?

Click to view > Lantern Sleeves Chiffon Blouse + Camisole

You’ll look like a retro diva in it~
The ribbon at the wrist is just oh-so-cute!
And with the chiffon material, the blouse is just elegant.??



– 2 –

Click to view > Red Shirt Exposed Collar Coat

The red off-shoulder design is stylish and fashionable,
and the lantern sleeves add the element of gorgeousness.
It’s cute and beautiful at the same time.??



– 3 –

Click to view > New Spring Loose Printed Shirt

The design of this blouse is just dreamlike.
You’ll look absolutely graceful and elegant in this.
The little floral design is just adorable.
You don’t have to worry about the extra fats you’ve gained at your upper arm.??



– 4 –

Click to view > V-Neck Striped Flounced Lantern Sleeved Blouse

The blue and white stripes create a casual but elegant style.
Just match it with jeans and you can look beautiful effortlessly.??



– 5 –

Click to view > Retro Western Style Lantern Sleeves Chiffon Blouse

The square collar design creates a sense of retro-ness
You’ll look artsy in it.??



– 6 –

Click to view > See-Through Lace Stringy Selvedge Two-Piece

This design is romantic and elegant!
Girls will definitely look attractive in it
It looks perfectly fashionable both on the colour and design.??



These lantern sleeved blouses are perfect to be worn casually and at special occasions

depends on how you match it with~



No matter what, you’ll look elegant and gorgeous in them.



Don’t forget to leave the message and
share with us your ideal way to wear.



More Putty Lantern Sleeved Blouse????

Click > More Puffy Lantern Sleeved




Article Translated from 美丽说

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