Whether it is high school reunion, shopping with Besties, or a hot date,

we would want to be the shining diamond among the sea of zircons.

The solution to this first-world problem is RED

whether it is crimson, cherry, wine, scarlet, ruby or garnet,

it will make you the Central Of Attention.??

Sorry, sorry~ it should be like this??

? Red, the brightest star??



Graceful rose red long dress

▲ Li Qin from Princess Agents (2017)

A striking RED DRESS emphasizes the fairness of your skin,

trimmed genius to show the waistline,

match it up with a pair of classy high heels and you just made yourself a BEAUTY PAGEANT. ?


▲ Look how this stylish red dress made Krystal from f(x) K-pop band looks sweet and young,

Further enhanced with a touch of frilly decoration.

Don this masterpiece for a date and you are sure to get his heart.??



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Gorgeous red skirts

▲ Yang Mi — Eternal Love/ Three Lives Three worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (2017)

A staple piece crafted by countless hours’ of fashion design,

this rose red Jacquemus asymmetric ruffled trim skirt emanates a symphony of Elegance, Grace and Sexy. ?


▲ Angel Wang from Nirvana in Fire (2015)

This skirt during one of the popular Chinese comedy show “Day Day Up”,

further accenting the red with the red trimmings along with a modest white T-shirt.


Tina Tang from The Legend of Zhen Huan (2011)

Stop to worrying that RED?isn’t suitable for the everyday outfit, Tina Tang has?proved you wrong with this outfit.

Gleaming chequer in different shades of red emanates a sweet playfulness in this skirt,

a fitting piece for a Youthful Statement. ?

With its ability to covers up thighs and sculpts the waistline,

a skirt like this is the savior for ladies with a pear-shaped body.????


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Red brings out the natural blush on our skin

▲ Note how this red flight jacket enhances the rosy blush of your cheek,

it also brings out a mix of brimming energy and youthful cuteness. ?

A must-have for the outing to the chilly Bukit Tinggi French Village.


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▲ Stephy Qi from Broadcasting Girl (2014)

Did we mention how striking and eye-catching red color can be?

Sorry but we just can’t resist this dazzling red oversized T-shirt on Stephy Qi as showed above,?



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After seeing so many red colors of matching.

Which will you prefer???



Article Translated from 美丽说

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