Brunch With Besties, Weekend Outings, Date Night At The Cinema? Jeans Got You Covered

JEANS,?everyone’s trusty companion whenever we are not sure what to wear for the day.

It is the most versatile garment that is fit for almost every occasion.??

It is cool, it is easy to wear, and it is equally graceful if you pair it with the right upper garment.??



Here are some tips for you on 2018’s trending jeans design?




Jeans cuts


2018 definitely is a year for wide and loose-fit jeans,

it may look a bit slack but actually brings out the classic and retro in the outfit??



A loose-fit jeans matched with an elegant top and a pair of striking heels is a really good match for this season.??




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This year, designers are showing their skills and tastes through the fringe; ripped, cropped, frayed, you name it.



There are some tame ones with cropping on the fringe

Of course, there are some that go to the extreme like this, there’s something for everyone out there.??




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Feeling that a pair of jeans is BORING???

With a small twist in details and you can personalise it to your taste.

Such as the belt below?▼



Elements that are trending this season are some classic sewn patterns and belts?▼





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There is always space for another pair of jeans in your wardrobe!

Get it one today!???



Article Translated from 美丽说

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