Café Society: 1930s Fashion (Part 1)

If you are a moviebuff like me, you would not be unfamiliar with Woody Allen, a famous American movie director and screenwriter. I am personally in love with his works such as Midnight in Paris, Blue Jasmine, and not to mention, the 2016 rom-com, Café Society, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, and Blake Lively. Café society has its story set in 1930s and the fashion in the 30s is significant,?glamorous, well-tailored, and elegant.


It’s highly recommended for y’all fashion enthusiasts for some vintage inspirations.


Kristen Stewart’s Veronica Sybil, or most commonly addressed in the film as Vonnie, is a young secretary, always dressed in full Lolita regalia, and has a casual, innocent beauty. As she is a poor, young secretary, her outfits are relatively simple, and more relatable to us as normal people. So it’s pretty easy to steal her look!



High-Waist Culotte Shorts?

In most of the scenes, Vonnie is seen to be wearing a simple top with a high-waist short, but the look is not as simple as it sounds.

As seen here, Vonnie is sporting an absolutely classic 30’s look with the tied up collared polo shirt with a high-waist pleated culotte shorts.



Women of the 30’s are absolutely crazy about the high-waist pants and tied-up shirts. So the easiest way recreate the 1930’s style is to find a polo shirt, tie it up to bare your stomach, and match it with any high-waist pants or skirts, and voila!

You’re a 1930’s vintage sweetheart <3


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This shirt looks so bold and daring with the big polka dot prints and the see-through lace at the upper chest.


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Similar to Vonnie’s shorts, this culotte shorts has a ruffled design which makes it looks like a skirt from afar.




Vonnie’s casual, everyday outfits also consists of lovely dresses such as this sweet pink printed chiffon dress.

This dress is so girl-ish and cute – it has ruffle bow collar and little ribbons on the sleeves!

It looks like the dress we would put on our Barbie dolls~

To top it off, she ties her hair with a satin ribbon that matches the color of her dress~

This cream white tailored collar dress is definitely the dress that we would want to wear to casual dates, a dinner, or even to work.

The dress is perfectly fit at the upper part, and with the midi-length straight skirt, it is decent and stylish at the same time, wonderful for any occasion.

Because of the unique length of the dress, it is better to wear a high heels ?to lengthen the figure of your legs.

And the T-strap shoes which was so popular in the 20’s and 30’s is clearly the TOP CHOICE!


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Pastel color, Chelsea collar, buttons at the front, and midi length skirt, this dress has all it takes to make a perfect vintage style!

Don’t forget to match it with a similar color headband~


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Also a straight skirt, this midi length dress looks straight out vintage with polka dots and the peter pan collar!

The thin belt is a subtle decoration to the dress, besides giving emphasis on the waist.

This dress also has a splendid detail which is the slit!

It definitely add some feminine and sexy elements to the proper, decent dress.


Vintage accessories ?

To make it more obvious that you are sporting a vintage look, try adding vintage accessories such as bow headband, vintage round sunglasses, ankle socks and petit handbag.


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So, to recap, in order to dress like a 1930’s chick even in your daily outfits,

just remember a few points: high-waist, wide-legged bottoms, tied-up shirt, ruffles, headband and sunglasses,

and you’re good to go!



Written by Ivy Chu

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