Café Society: 1930’s Fashion (Part 2)

Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively are the fashion in Café Society.?Blake Lively’s plays the character of Veronica Hayes, a Manhattan socialite who is always glamorously dressed, and has a voluptuous and womanly charm. Depending on her regular hangout places (the café society and other high-end night club), which are places where influential, wealthy, upper-class people often gather, you should have an idea of how Veronica Hayes dress up – elegant, stylish, and classy.


Today, we will be looking at Veronica Hayes outfits and how we can steal her look and sneak it into our daily wears~



Metallic Lame Dress??


It’s a type of fabric that is woven or knit with thin ribbons of metallic fiber.

In this scene, Blake Lively is decked in a gleaming silver gown with a deep, plunging neckline which emphasizes her voluptuous, womanly charm.

To blow your mind, the fabric of this gown is made of real silver!

Seriously how cool? is the 1930’s women?


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Click to view > Sexy Temperament Metallic Dress

This dress perfectly recreates the metallic lame look although it’s actually made with polyester.

?The use of backless straps add to the delicate and fragile look while the A-line skirt floats gracefully as you walk.




Silk Slip Dress ?


It was sensual, sexy, and sensational, and it still is, because wearing a silk dress is like wearing a piece of lingerie wherever you go.

It’s soft, thin, and “slippery” as it skims the surface of your skin, which perfectly show off every shape and edge of your beautiful body.


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Click to view > Retro Slim Silk Dress

Sensual plunging neckline, delicate thin straps, soft elegant fabric fitted at the waist, described as “Waterfall green” in color, this maxi gown is a product of the mixture of romantic, feminine, fragility, and sexiness.

Especially in love with its “Waterfall green”, which is a soft, saturated green, giving it a gentle, subtle appearance?





In the movie, we can see many other actresses in glamorous dresses, especially in the night club scene.

In this particular scene?? ?? we could see the fashion trend of 1930s like the low back design, the ruffles, and halter dress.

Along with dangling earrings, elegant elbow gloves, and glittering necklaces, this is what the 1930s upper class women would wear to a social gathering.


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Click to view > Pink Fishtail Sexy Elegant Evening Dress

Ruffled sleeves, silk fabric, low back, and mermaid skirt (similar to bias cut method), this gown is a wonderful combination of everything you need on a vintage evening gown!

It also has plunging neckline with glamorous decoration of beadings and rhinestones.

The nude pink color makes this already beautiful gown even romantic and dreamy~?


Click to view > Wine Red Banquet Evening Dress

The pleats at the chest area give it a dimensional look and? add volume to the front area.

The hollow-out design at the back, decorated with rhinestones shows off your beautiful shoulder blades.

Unlike the exaggerated mermaid skirt, this?bias cut dress is subtle and elegant,?

I could assure you that this gown looks straight out 30’s?


Click to view > Word Shoulder Long Dress


Click to view > Dignified Atmosphere Evening Dress

These two dresses have? the old-age vintage elements used in this movie.

The choice of the color white, or ivory, make the dress look elegant and classy.

The sexy V-neck and the dipping back, and most importantly, the ruffles at the sleeves, which instantly make the gowns as vintage as it could be.



Today, these 1930’s fashion are still? applicable.

Many of the designs such as?halter dress, bias cut method, ruffles?are actually timeless.

With a little touch up, ditch the accessories you deemed unnecessary,

and maybe add some modern element to your vintage dress,

it could make you the most authentic girl at the party, or where ever you are?


Written by Ivy Chu

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