Culottes: The Holy Grail for Lazy Bugs

Casual wear is finding its way into the fashion industry and has also dominated our closet. The reason why is because casual wear is simple and comfortable, not to mention that it can be worn to your workplace, school, outings with friends, and almost every other occasion. It is fast to become a new trend, so we need some quick tips and one of the most important tips is the culottes?~



Short Sleeves Shirt + Chiffon Culottes


This tone-on-tone T-shirt and floral culottes are perfectly matched together to create a harmony and elegant look.


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Flared Sleeves V-neck Top + High Waist Culottes Shorts


The V-neck and high waist culottes short definitely help to deliver the lively yet mature effect.


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Click to view> V-neck Long-sleeved Short Coat + High Waist Slim Wide Leg Flared Pants



Sleeveless Top + Culottes


This set of suit creates a fresh and lively look.

It’s comfortable to be worn to any occasion~


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Click to view> Two-piece Small Fresh Chiffon Vest Wide Leg Pants



Off Shoulder Top + Culottes

This cute off shoulder top makes you look slimmer with its design and should be worn with loose bottoms such as this culotte.

However, this culotte looks great even if it’s matched with other tops.


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Click to view> Black Thin Tube Top Strapless Top Nine Points Wide Leg Pants



Off Shoulder Chiffon Top + Overall Culottes


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Click to view> Word Collar Chiffon Shirt High Waist Strap Bib

Off shoulder top might look too sexy if worn on its own, but if you wear an overalls over it, it turns cute instantly~

The pink shade of the culottes is really cute too ?~



V-neck Chiffon Top + Culottes Shorts

The earth tone is never out of style, especially the combination of nude and brown color.

High waist culottes shorts make you look taller and slimmer visually.


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Click to view> V-neck Lotus Leaf Sleeve Chiffon Shirt Wide-leg Shorts



Replace that uncomfortably tight pencil skirt that you wear to work or that boring old jeans you wear into campus with culottes

and enjoy everyone else’s admiration to your casually stunning look?



Article Translated from 美丽说

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