When Comfort Turns Into Cold, These Jackets Are Here To Save The Day

We are lucky that we are blessed with the comforts of air-conditioner?? in our workplace,

yet sometimes an over-friendly colleague may set the temperature too low??.

To save ourselves from the freezing fingers and undesired cough, stay warm with a jacket??.




We are used to coats or jackets in dark colors, why not have a go on trendy jackets with a vibrant color?



▼ See emerging Chinese actress Zhou Dongyu (Under the Hawtorn Tree) and

Guan Xiaotong (The Left Ear) below on their green?? windbreakers,

representing a combination of nature and youthful energy.??




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Click to view > 2017 Autumn Female Jacket




Or have a look at China’s “National Goddess” Gao Yuanyuan and

famous actress Tong Liya (Beijing Love Story) showing their love on these red jackets.??




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Pink,? the impersonation of sweetness and the must-have color in everyone’s wardrobe.

Whether a knitted sweater or denim jacket, pink brings out your cuteness.??





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Wait no longer, get a colourful jacket today and be the latest trendsetter in your office.??






Article Translated from 美丽说

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