The Cool Kids from Where Are We Going, Dad?

The reality show of Where Are We Going, Dad? is really famous recently,

and I’m especially fond of Jordan Chan’s son, Jasper in the show.

He’s so cute with his eyes that smile and his cute eyebrow~??



His interaction with his angry daddy could always make people laugh.??


Jordan Chan is so fierce and strict, but Jasper is always capable of dealing with him patiently:??


“Can you stop angry now?”


Basically, Jasper can just melt anyone’s heart will his cuteness~??


He is not only a walking little sunshine, he is also a cool kid standing at the cutting edge of fashion!

Let’s see how all these babies rock fashion!??



Jasper gives fame to the fashion of bucket hat~

Look at how cute he is!???


The bucket hat is also a very popular fashion item among the celebrities thanks to its all-matching ability.??



But it’s really risky to wear it because you might end up looking like a fisherman.

There’re a few things that you should look out for.

Firstly, the brim of the hat should not be too broad.

It varies according to the shape of your face.??



You should also pay attention to the material and color of your outfit when you’re wearing the bucket hat.

For example, the hat is best to be MATCHED with denim outfit.

Pure color or striped clothes also look good with bucket hat of the similar color.??




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Remember Grace from the season 2 of Where Are We Going, Dad?

The dress that she’s wearing is from Mimisol, an Italian brand for children’s apparel.

Did you notice that Grace’s outfits are the most stylish among other kids in the show?

All of her looks were thoughtfully planned and matched.??



Although she’s chubby, she looks amazing in all these famous brands!??



Grace turns 7 now, and she has grown to resemble her mom.

Now she walks and acts like a SUPERMODEL~

It’s true that girls experience drastic changes while growing up!??



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Liu Nuoyi attracts most of the attention in the season 3 of Where Are We Going, Dad?

It’s so obvious that his mom is big on Classic China style.

The sight of Nuoyi walking around with his army sling bag is just so adorable~



Besides the army sling bag, Nuoyi has also made famous the Fjallraven’s Kanken mini backpack.??

This Swedish brand has almost 60 years of history.

This classic K?nken was released in 1978 to help prevent back problems seen among Swedish school children.??


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Article Translated from 美丽说

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