Who Doesn’t Love A Long Dress That Makes You Looks Like A Princess? We All Do

The Northeast monsoon is upon us, one day it is bright and sunny,? and the next day it is raining and cold.?

This is the season where we wearing thick may suddenly be too hot yet wearing?less may be too cold.?


A trendy wear suitable for this weather is—a dress and a?shawl.

Put on the?shawl?during the cold morning and evening, and take that off during the hot afternoon.?▼




Even when it is not on your shoulder, it can be a prop to showcase your fashion sense.??




This wearing style essentially has only one piece of garment, the dress, which may be quite plain sometime.

▼ You can lift the whole look with a pair of stockings.?





??Dress?+ Shirt??

A shirt and a dress is a good combination too.

Using the coolness of the shirt but not as stiff as a formal office wear.

Also, remember to tie the hem into a ribbon slightly higher than your belly button to look “taller”.??




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??Dress + Cardigan??

A strap dress may be too cold alone, it is time for the cardigan to shine,

keeping you warm as well as presenting a ladylike and graceful look.??

??Tips for matching a cardigan with your dress for the best result :

? ? 1? Short dress + short cardigan

?2??Long dress + long cardigan




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??Dress + Trench Coat??

What is the best garment beneath a trench coat? A?dress?

They create a contrast between femininity and coolness,

highlighting their characteristic and blending them harmoniously.??



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??Dress + Denim Jacket??

A denim jacket is a cool classic that matches everything,

while a dress emphasizes the gentle feminine touch.

It may seem like an unlikely combination between these two,

yet they combine to create a strong contrast between masculine bold and feminine grace.??




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??Dress + Flight Jacket??

Who says that flight jacket can only be matched with trousers?

Ever tried matching one with a dress?

Same as the denim jacket, this combination creates the contrast of bold personality and femininity.??




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??Dress + Leather Jacket??

In every fashionista’s wardrobe, there is a black leather jacket. It is cool, slick, and trendy.??




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??Dress + Coat??

We all love coats in the chilly season, they are cool and easily matches with everything.

Simply pick out a coat and a dress, saving you a lot of time picking what to wear today,

and easily showcases your coolness and sexiness.??





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??Dress + Sweater??

Loved the free-flowing feel of a dress but worried that it may be too cold?

Top a sweater over your dress and you can keep yourself warm while showing off the dress.??




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??Dress + Vest??

Feeling too humid under a full-length sweater?

Wear a vest and keep yourself aired and cool under our humid weather.

This also creates different layers and textures to your whole look.??




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??Strap Dress + Long Sleeve Shirt??

Strap dress is everyone’s favorite all season, it is light, feminine, and colorful?.

If you are feeling a bit cold, wear a long sleeve shirt underneath to keep yourself warm and still look trendy as a star.?

If you are still feeling cold, then you’ll need a cardigan or jacket.





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Keep warm this cold season and be stylish at the same time with our selected outer garments?





Article Translated from 美丽说

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