Needless to say, the hardest thing in life is LOSING WEIGHT???

Things got even complicated when food is your favourite thing in the world????

One of the reasons that cause you to gain weight is none other than stress??

Hence, you need to lose stress to lose weight??

In fact, the outfit that you are wearing will influence your mood

Choosing the right material and colour of your outfit is just as important as choosing what to eat because it helps to relax your body??





De-stressing colours


Wear something with a soft and light material

ALL WHITE: White is a colour that is relaxing and comfortable to look at.

It’s even so with a soft, thin, silky material Wear it oversize style.


It is not necessary to show skins to feel fresh but it can be done so through the right material,

for example, chiffon makes you feel light and elegant??




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You don’t have to be stressed over creases if you choose the right material


ALL BLACK: It’s a well-known myth that black outfit should be avoided during hot weathers because it absorbs heat.

But in fact, it is the strongest barrier against UV light among all the colours???


It’s a little bit of hard to handle black outfit from head to toe,

but it is possible. Go for normcore style and remember to show some skin??





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Bell sleeves are not in hot weathers

What you need is a top that fits you well with a pencil skirt to avoid looking too messy or complicated.

Bermuda shorts or capri-pants are also recommended.

If your outfit does not fit well you’ll always look messy and that’ll stress you up??


Choose the right shade of grey

Grey is not the colour for Asians, hence we should be careful while choosing grey colour outfits.

Although it’s more comfortable to wear loose and soft material in a tropical country such as Malaysia,

GREY looks better on suits????





Bad oversized design makes you look like you’re going to bed???





Slit to de-stress

Malaysia has the PERFECT weather for you to show your hotness?

Wear a slit skirt??

Whether you want it low or high it’s all up to you??





Show your skins appropriately


The purpose of showing some skins is to create a fresh, lithesome look??

Hence, do so appropriately because more does not mean better.





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Big Prints

Casual dresses are comfy and simple, perfect for Malaysian chicks???

Dresses printed with cartoons are great at making you look younger and livelier???





Although the floral dress is the latest trend, go for something fresher instead


Remember, de-stress is important to LOSE WEIGHT, besides wearing something that will relax you,

you should watch out for what you eat??



Scroll down for diet recipes?▼▼▼

The ultimate diet recipes~?

The Golden Rule of dieting is 70% of high-fibre food such as vegetables and fruits and 30% main food.

Do not overeat. Leave off with an appetite???


Protein such as meat and seafood should always be consumed with fruits and vegetables, and avoid eating it with starch.

Hence it is best for you to store some fruits and vegetables at home.

Keep in mind to eat your vegs before meats??



A: The common starch:

Rice, Grains and cereals, Noodle, Porridge, Whole wheat bread, bread, cookies.

(Must be consumed with fruits and vegs).

B: Starchy vegetables:

Durian, banana, pumpkin, corn, potato, yam, sweet potato, chestnut, sago, barley, lily,

Chinese yam, lotus seeds, lotus root, kudzu, avocado, beans, peanuts, and other nuts, etc.

C: High-fibre Fruits and Vegetables:

Melons, radish, leafy greens, orange, pear, kiwi, strawberry, etc.


The common starch in A category can only be eaten with the starchy vegetables in the B category together with 70% of high-fibre fruits and vegs??



Only one out of three meals of a day should contain meat, and it should be only one type of meat.

However, if it is seafood then it can be many types at a time.

You should only eat?2??categories of food in a meal, for example:

  1. High-fibre fruits and vegs + one type of meat

  2. High-fibre fruits and vegs + seafood

  3. High-fibre fruits and vegs + rice or noodle or bread

  4. High-fibre fruits and vegs (starchy vegs) + rice or noodle

The thing to be taken note is that meat and seafood should not be consumed together with starchy foods.

Every meal should be kept simple as well because some food contains both protein and starch and it’s impossible to differentiate them completely??


Besides, after consuming protein foods, you should wait 5 hours before eating starchy food???


Eat more tofu, fruits and vegs, lean meat, seafood, grains and cereals, and drink more plain water??


If you follow the diet rules strictly, you should be able to lose some weight in a month.

In fact, it is not impossible to lose weight.


The key is to eat correctly????


Items that make you look slimmer~?



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Article Translated from 美丽说

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