Living in the ever summer Malaysia, we may be missing out on some gorgeous winter coats,

or options of hand-sewn scarves;

but that inspired us to have a variety of summer fashion trends.??

A bracelet sleeve covers your skin from the scorching sun yet airy enough to let out the heat.

Most importantly, it proportions your body into a tall and slim figure.??

Compare with showing just your palm,

showing a bit of your forearm is a more viable way to shape your overall appearance.

A bracelet sleeve reaches just a bit below your elbow,

creating a harmonious proportion of forearm and sleeve.??




Shirts with bracelet sleeves


Slim arms and long legs, a combination that shows off your feminine beauty perfectly in the summer??



Bracelet sleeves show an appropriate sexiness to prevent your elegant dressing from going into a conservative look.??





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Tops with bracelet sleeves

A strapless blouse is always sexy and pretty,

sport it with some bracelet sleeves and look classy and sexy at the same time.??




a strapless long dress matched with bracelet sleeves is phenomenal in elegance and sexiness??




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Sweater with bracelet sleeves

Another way of portraying your elegance and class while showing an attractive figure at the same time is through slim fit sweaters with bracelet sleeves??



A sweater usually faces the issue of being boring due to their nature of simplistic colours,

an elbow-length bracelet sleeve brings a different spark to it.??





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Pick up a bracelet sleeve dress now

Enjoy being fashionable without fear of the sunlight!!????





Article Translated from 美丽说

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