Faya Wong’s Favourite Design For 13 Years, Click Here To Learn Why Normcore Is Her Love.

New Magazine had coined the word “Normcore”, an interplay of the words “Normal” and “Hardcore”,

to define a deceiving plain look that holds a hardcore personality beneath.??

In simpler words, it is “stylish minimalist”.??




This “Normcore” style had been a staple of Faye Wong’s wardrobe throughout year 2004 to 2017.

She is often seen wearing the international brand Céline,

one of the leading trendsetter for “Stylish minimalist” design.??




Simple and modest, yet exuding inner elegance and quality, this is “Normcore”.

Why not give it a try this season and let everyone in the office envies how to be as stylish as you.??



Tips for a minimalist outfit :

? Simple Colors??

Vibrant colors is a no-no for the minimalist.

Simple colors set the tone of elegance, and the less colors the better.??




Black, white, and grey, these neutral tones are the base of minimalist outfits.

But if you want something out of these classics then you can pick some light colors.??





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? Simple Layers ?

Minimalist is the opposite of the mix, the former sought for the least layers and texture while the latter wears a combination of extravagant colors and fluff.??




The minimalist style are simply worn, just two pieces of complementing garments and it is “Normcore” manifested.??






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? Clean Cut Lines ?

Clean cut lines make a solid hardcore appearance, no frills, laces,

or complicated designs that will bring down the minimalist effect.??




Try to pick the garments with simple cutting and straight lines,

these are the best elements to accentuate the elegance of minimalist design.??






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Looking for the elegance?

Wear the minimalist???




Article Translated from 美丽说

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