Find Out Your Leg Figure to Choose Your Perfect Pair of Sandals! -Part 1

If there is a perfect shoe for Malaysian, I’ll say its SANDAL, any objection?

I am not saying this based on anything, in fact, the sandal is the top seller among other lady footwear currently!



A sandal is not only all matching and comfortable to wear,

you can almost wear it to anywhere you like: outing, dating, or working, the sandal got your back.


Here are some tips to help you if you have problems with fat or thick legs, too skinny, or high instep!

If you’re blessed without any of these problems, wear anything as you please~




Flip Sandals

Skinny leg:????

Fat or thick leg:????


This type of sandal?EXPOSE most of the part of your legs and so it will only look good on skinny legs.

Do not attempt flip sandals if your legs are not skinny!




It’s like a flip-flop, but better looking.

It goes PERFECTLY WELL with maxi beach dress for your perfect vacation style~?▼

Now the design becomes more and more simple but stylish~


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Ankle Strap Sandals

Skinny legs: Thin strap

Fat or thick leg: Broad strap



Unlike the flip sandal, the ankle strap sandal suits everyone with any kind of leg figures but you should CHOOSE THE CORRECT ONE for yourself carefully!

Go for a thin strap if you have skinny legs, and broad strap if otherwise.



The effect is even better with this sporty type ankle strap sandal.

The design and the width are PERFECT for chubby girls, not to mention that it’s super comfortable to wear.



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Lace-up Sandals

Skinny leg: Anything you like

Fat or thick leg: Broad straps and keep them minimum


A lace-up sandal is the ladies’ favorite.

The complicated overlapping of the straps perfectly emphasizes the beauty of a woman’s ankle.

Most importantly, it SUITS all kind of legs.



If you’re chubby but you really wanna have a lace-up sandal with thin straps, don’t be disappointed,

those with more coverage around the sole of the shoe suit you too!!


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Flat Mule Sandals

Skinny leg: Anything you like

Fat or thick leg: Avoid pointed toe or narrow types


There’s always something free-and-easy about Mules, a sense of casualness,

like you’ve just walked out of your bedroom and you don’t really care.

It’s a definition of EFFORTLESS BEAUTY~



But the pointed toe mules are only SUITABLE for skinny ladies~



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How could you not own a pair of nice sandals in Malaysia?

Hurry up and get one!


Article Translated from 美丽说




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