Have you watched the Chinese television series The King’s Woman?

Dilraba Dilmurat looks absolutely gorgeous in it!??


Gongsun Li, the character she plays in the tv series is a beautiful smart girl,

who is lively and playful at the beginning of the drama, and becomes more mature and wise as the story goes.


This characteristic is quite different from the Dilraba we normally have seen on screen.??


▲ She looks free and easy in her casual sportswear~

Recently she is being spotted by fans at the airport on her way to Thailand for a vacation~


Unlike other celebrities,

Dilraba is more down to earth as she opts for a more comfortable wear for her flight.

We notice that Dilraba really adores casual sportswear and sneakers.

We really like her down to earth fashion style.

?Seems like Dilraba herself is happy with her casual style as well

when she edited a photo of herself in her sportswear hanging out with her idol Leonardo. ▼

▼ Well, it’s not hard to guess when you know that she’s good at sport herself~

Legs splitting is just a piece of cake for her~??


However, She gains more and more fans through her reality show Keep Running~??

Fans love her for different reasons~

Sincere, Natural, Down to Earth…

For me, she is naturally beautiful.??


So if you’re sick and tired of all the complicated, mix and match dressing tricks,

Why not just keep it simple with casual sportswear like Dilraba???



The Timeless Black Sweatpants

A simple and basic black sweatpant?is just timeless.

It’s suitable for any occasion: work, sports, vacations, etc.

As long as you match it right, it’s an all matching item!??


Tang Wei and Angel Wang match basic white tee with black sweatpants, SIMPLE and COMFORTABLE?


We recommend you to buy????

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Spice up your day!??

Its summer throughout the whole year here, so don’t be boring,

Live up to it, play with DARING Colours!


▲ Li Bingbing‘s style changes after getting into a relationship~

White tee and red sweatpants, I would give her????


▲?Although the classic blue on Kendall’s outfit looks like our good old school uniform, she makes it FASHIONABLE with cropped top~

Also, the colour yellow makes you look fairer!



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What??Are sweatpants too casual for work?

Wear it with a SHIRT??

There are so many ways to mix and match with sweatpants, casual style aside,

modern office ladies even wear it with shirt and blazer.

Shirt and sweatpants sound so contrasting~

But watch the MAGIC happens when you actually put them together?



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Be lazy and fashionable at the same time

Be ready in?1? minute with sportswear?


Eventually, those fashion icons are no longer satisfied with just a piece of sweatpants.

Now?they wear it in A SET!

▲ Wearing an entire set of Adidas is so COOL.


And you’ll look Youthful and Lively. Whoever set their eyes on you crush head over toes for you.



Wanna be Casual and Fashionable?

Try different patterns on your outfit.

Fan Bingbing’s anime character printed sweatshirt looks so uniquely cute.

While?Gigi’s camouflage colour sportswear is on fleek~


▲ It’s always too hot in Malaysia to wear a jacket, well you can always wear sports shorts like Mabel Yuan~



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What do you think about this Free and Easy fashion?


Don’t forget to leave the message and
share with us your ideal way to wear??



More Sportwears????


Article Translated from 美丽说


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