“High Low” fashion maybe sound new to you or even you have worn them without you noticing.

High Low is the new fashion that can cover up your defects and outshine your GREATNESS.

Pictures worth a thousand words,

Let’s us show you the way?▼▼▼




Long Sleeve One Piece Dress

Talking about the one-piece dress,

the only adjective is CONVENIENT?

Additionally, it gives ways to say goodbye to butterfly arms and save the house??


▲ Nini’s good taste of fashion is undeniable!!?

If you are her follower in social media you will probably copy her way of fashion styles??

This light blue one-piece dress brings out the elegance within her and not to forget her trumpet sleeves too??


▲ Tang Yixin and her pinky one-piece dress have definitely FASCINATED the hearts of men??

The secret is like,

the pinkish one-piece dress series??


Guli Nazha, the “attitude” goddess and her embroidered fair white one-piece dress.

Matched with high heels and oversized sleeves upgrade her overall APPEARANCE and BODY TEXTURE??


If none of the above your style??


▲ Perhaps “Pretty Li Hui Zhen” can show you something SIMPLE?YET ROUTINE as this one piece denim dress.

Besides, you may need to close your drop down jaws with the universal beauties Chiara Ferragni.

Deep V-shape dotted dress amazes me,

I just can’t take my eyes off you????



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Long Sleeves + Short Pant / Skirt

Monochrome printed long sleeves Tee and leather skirt have turned Angelababy into rocker

Our famous Yang Mi is the High Low spokesperson and even the lover of High Low.?▼

A colourful oversized sweater is a NEW?TREND you can see in every boutique nowadays!

The easiest way to go with is the wildest hot pants????


Cutie Guli Nazha puts on the classic MOCHINO cartoonist sweater. Refreshed!

Domino Guli Nazha?also puts on wordings sweater and floral skirt. Exploded!



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Click to view > Baby Star With A Crow Heart Graffiti T-Shirt


Click to view > Long Sleeved T-Shirt Original Korean New Loose Thin Clothes



Sweater Becomes Skirt


All thanks to trendy fashion leader the “VETEMENTS” in knitting apparels.

VETEMENTS has changed the public’s perspective on the mainstream sweater.

There is once sweater is being worn as a skirt by many.


Who are the hot female celebs that have done the same?

Check them out below?


Angelababy . Li XiaoLu .?Yang Mi .?Yuan ShanShan


If you are ever wondering whether this kind of apparel suits the “Pear”?or?“Apple”? body shape,

rest assured that this is the SOLUTIONS??

The loosen lower part has successfully covered up the extras,

be it your butterfly arms or muffin top?



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Click to view > Long Coat Sweater Female

Do you like the power of High Low in boosting your confidence?

Share us your story here???



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Article Translated from 美丽说

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