The IT girls have a polka dots in their wardrobe, it’s time you have one too

In the wake of fashion renaissance, polka dots have returned as a trending fashion style.??

If you want to stand out from the crowd of strips and floral prints, polka dot is a GOOD CHOICE???

It looks pretty whether it is a skirt, blouse, or pants.??




Classic-style polka dots blouse

A typical classic polka dot fashion has only 2??colors,

one as the base and another as simple large print dots over the blouse.

Don’t you think Angelababy and Sally Tian looks pretty in this polka dot blouse????▼



A COMBINATION of white base and black spots matched with casual jeans,??

then post in on Instagram and you are the new social media influencer.???




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Ladies’ polka dot skirt


White base and black dots are the basis of polka dot fashion, and it is the most common style as it looks graceful and elegant.

Consequently, if you had a polka dots skirt, it will be the statement of your outfit and OVERPOWERS the other garments;

match it with some modest accessories so it won’t be distracting the attention away from your skirt.??



Or you can use a modest plain black jacket to cover the polka dots to indirectly promote the polka dots below,

this looks cool and sweet at the same time.??




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Long dress with polka dots

As aforementioned, black and white is the most common pattern of polka dots,

even on a LONG DRESS.?▼



However, we can also opt for a more PERSONALIZED style with COLORFUL polka dots.

It brings out the cuteness of polka dots and a theme of vibrant youth.??




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Polka dots are not old, it is a timeless classic that looks good and trendy through all seasons?




Article Translated from 美丽说

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