I bet everyone is familiar with varieties of Hong Kong drama series.???

However, have you ever noticed those outfits wore by the actors???

You may be saying that you are on your way packing for the next #staycation at Hong Kong;

or perhaps it is time to try something new and bold out of the closet?

This time I give you no more airport photo shots but the Hong Kong style street fashion?:


Oversize is the basic common!

Dark deep color is the mainstream!

The cool and cold expression is no difference!

How to define “Monochromatic” combination?

Black, White, Grey or combinations of any two?

Miriam Yeung tells them all!??

Sometimes when you think to be sweet and honey is the only option,

without realizing it, in fact, the galaxy mysterious black is the one that suits you most in REAL LIFE.

Perhaps it is time to give up the superstitious red, just for a while!!?

Incredibly this oversize Logo Tee can be so cool with simple mix and match on DENIM

Just as this simple and casual on the street!??

Basic Hong Kong style with a little of laziness and athleisure,

that’s the way you are!

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Hong Kong – the Chinese Megapolis has shaped the different perspective of the women society.

“Tough” is the adjective that expose the strong magnetic field among women and this changes the way they put on their outfit at the same time,

feminine remains??

Oversize T-shirt + Trendy mini is an arrogant combination of Yin Yang.?▼

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Sports shoes are the most compatible athleisure combinations in Hong Kong street fashions.

No matter it is the Khankis sneakers or trending sports wears, it is the PERFECT MATCH!!

When you change a pair of high heels to a pair of sports shoes.

It changes everything!

Among them with shorts gives a photogenic shot of perfect long legs!??

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Walking down the street and wish that you can be like the cool kids?

It is time to customize your wish bucket list with some cool stuff!????

Article Translated from 美丽说

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