During the piping hot summers,

Floral Print is sure to bring some GORGEOUS colours and Romance into the scene;

yet there’s a fine line between being fashionable and being antique.


This is what we think we look like in floral dress

This is what we actually look like

So how do we pick up a Floral Print that exudes our vibrant youth and leads to the fashion trend?????




Pick the correct base

The base defines the overall look of the floral print,

got the RIGHT COLOUR?and you are a Princess,??

be sure to get one that wouldn’t overpower yourself like a walking glow stick.

For those who sport a taste for elegance, a dark base is a MUST!

?As it creates a Dashing Glamour.????▼

Or you can pick a light-coloured base to accent the floral print on it,

match it up with a colourful accessory and sport the chic outfit of the day.????

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Avoid large floral print

A Large floral print is so outdated even our lovely Taylor Swift can’t save it.

Lesson learnt today, avoid these outrageous blossoms.

Just be simple and have tiny flowers blooming all over a stylish cutting.

Slimming your body contour and enhancing it at the same time without a prominent floral print.???

Additionally, these tiny flowers wouldn’t take away the attention from your dress’ base colour,

presenting itself as a humble yet exquisite decoration of your DRESS.???


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Colour of the floral print

Nevertheless, a?colour of the floral print is a significant factor to the whole appearance.

Avoid having too much different flowers and colours on the same dress,

or else it will be just like walking garden.????


Just one or two colours for your floral motif, anything over two is RISKY.?

The easiest will be wearing just a base colour and a single print motif, simply classic.


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More Floral Dresses???

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Article Translated from 美丽说

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  • Whoever wrote this: the one that you recommended look exactly like auntie With cheap quality kinda texture. Please have some fashion sense LOL

    • Hi Rainee,

      Thanks for your comment. We will improve and recommend you a better quality of dresses.

      Wish you have a great day ahead.

      Warmest regards,
      SGshop Malaysia

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