Although we live in Malaysia where it’s like summer throughout the whole year,

we are occasionally blessed with rainy and windy days especially at the end of the year.??

That is when we need a long sweater to keep us warm from the cool wind but is not too stuffy at the same time.

I guess that’s why Chinese actress Yang Mi loves her sweater so much.

I mean, it’s so convenient.??

Apparently, Yang Mi is not the only one.?▲


▼?Chiara Ferragni looks cute in her sexy long sweater~



FASHION changes all the time but what remains is timeless???

Obviously, I’m referring to the long sweater which is simple yet fashionable all the time??

?▲ Ming Xi

▲ Jacqueline Li



Isn’t it easy? Just a long sweater, a pair of sick kicks, and a baseball cap will do!???

But somehow somewhere some people can just get it done wrong??



▽ 3??Clearing fashion landmines?▽



So, how on earth to look fashionable in a long sweater??



1??Keep it simple

You’ll never go wrong with plain colour sweater and sneakers.

The simpler it is, the more youthful you’ll look??




2??Prevent exposure

No matter what, do remember to wear shorts underneath the sweater to avoid exposure???



3??The cute way of wearing sweaters

Think sweaters are too gender-neutral?

Wear a cute skirt like Coulee Nazha and Viann Zhang do??


4?? The special way of wearing sweaters

How special???

A slit sleeves sweater with a plaid shirt inside perhaps???



Wear it with JACKET??

Yeah, you’ve heard it right.??

If you’re a student you’ll know how freezing it is in the lecture halls.

Fret not, wear a jacket over your sweater, you’ll get to keep warm and keep looking fashionable at the same time??



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Long sweater works best with naked legs, but it can also be MATCHED with other accessories. The most FAQs are:

1. Socks or not?

2.Which shoes to wear?

3.What if I have fat legs?

4.What if I’m short?




Preppy style with sport socks

Socks or not? Better not if you think you have bulky or short legs. Not even ankle socks.

But if you think you have beautiful legs, wear a sports sock for a preppy look!???




Unique style with mesh stockings

Don’t throw away your mesh stockings yet.

It will not look sexy but rebellious and youthful instead when it’s MATCHED with a long sweater.??




Street style with ankle boots

Ankle boots with a sweater are so cool??

You’ll definitely catch a lot of EYEBALLS while walking on the street.??




Saviour for short legs

If you think that you have short legs, a long sweater can SAVE you by exposing your legs.

Don’t wear it with covered shoes but choose something that’ll expose the back of your foot instead.

With this combination, your legs will look longer visually??




Saviour for shorties

A sweater is normally not recommended to shorties,??

??but there’s still a way for you to wear it,??

that is, with thigh-high boots with heels???



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Now you know how to keep yourself warm without losing your cool,

don’t you????



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Article Translated from 美丽说

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