Do you remember Lindsey Wixson??

The American fashion model??

She is known for her unique looks, defined in part by her “bee-stung lips”, “rosebud pout”, and gapped front teeth??

She is best known for her campaigns with designers such as Chanel, John Galliano, Versace Vanitas, Miu Miu, Jill Stuart and Alexander McQueen.


However, she has retired from modelling at the golden age of 23 due to the foot injury??

She took to her Instagram account to share the news.

“To all my fashion fans, I am sad to inform you that my injury has put me in a position to retire from this high-heel business,” she wrote??

Born in 1994, Wixson was a rising star in the modelling industry.

She gained her fame in 2009 after Steven Meisel spotted her and handpicked her to star in a Vogue Italia shoot.

She ranked no. 14 in the list of TOP 50 models in the world??


Wixson was not the only one that fell down on the runway

I can only imagine how painful it was??


Girls wear high heels knowing the risk of falling and spraining the ankle, as well as the potential injury to the foot from the pro-long wearing of high heels??


The stilettos designed by Dior in 2008.

Are you sure this is not a pair of roller skates???

So why do we keep wearing high heels??To look tall of course??

But let me tell you, there are other ways to look tall without sufferings???





Match your top with your skirt/pants

Show fierceness with suits and look taller at the same time.

Song Jia’s casual outfit with white sneakers was just perfect.

The thick sole of the sneaks plays the trick of making her look TALL??


A short t-shirt dress with a belt to show your waistline and your beautiful legs??

You will look tall even when you are wearing flats??




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Wear turtleneck to look taller?

It is true that turtleneck makes you look like you have a short neck?



Victoria Beckham in her white shirt and black wind coat with flats.

Does this outfit make her look tall??


For a while, she’s been wearing sneakers, and when she does,

she wears it with turtleneck sweaters.

Which outfit makes her look taller?



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Add the element of depth

It means adding a longitudinal guide on your outfit to make you look taller,

For example: Wearing deep V tops.?

However, it’s not EASY to handle this look.



Wear a slit skirt.

Show your BEAUTIFUL LEGS. A perfect longitudinal development??



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Never thought that you could be taller by wearing flat heel shoes?

The KEY is to play trick with your outfits?

Yes, you can look tall while wearing flats??



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Article Translated from 美丽说

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