Match Your Outfits With Your Skin Colour

To look good, having a nice body figure is not the only key, but matching the colour of your outfit with your skin tone is just as important.
The right match of colours can effectively improve your look and make you even beautiful.??

The Yellowish Skin is the typical skin colour that most Asians possessed. If you’re of this skin colour, you’ll understand how hard it is to choose which colour to wear – you’ll look either too tacky in bright colours or too dull in light colours.

Let’s see what colour we should put on those with yellowish skin tone.


??Yellow skin??

Nothing could go wrong with Black & White

▲?As the most basic colours, B&W is the perfect colours for the yellow skin.

The colour white is often mistaken that it will expose your dull skin tone.
In fact, white clothes are great material to reflect light and make you look brighter.?▼

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Look fair and fresh with Light Blue!

Light Blue is simple and easy to match. It’s not true that light colours should not be put on yellow skin.
Light blue will actually make you look fairer and brighter.▼

Blue and white is the perfect match for the yellow skin.?▼

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Who says yellow skin can’t go with?Bright Colours?
Let me tell you why you’re wrong!

▲? It true that it’s risky for people with yellow skin to wear bright colours,
but the key is to choose the Right Colour and the Right Style!

Bright colour outfits for the yellow skin:
1.? ?Choose the most saturated and purest colours. For example, choose pure red over fluorescence pink.
2.? ?Choose an outfit with glossy material for a classier look.
3.? ?Choose simplicity over complexity.


If you think you’re not bold enough to put on something bright
Try the basic B&W as the main theme for your outfit
But cleverly add in bright elements.? ▼



? Yellowish skin??

Be careful with these colours

Colours similar to your skin?Make You Dull

Colours like yellow, brown, orange, light tan etc. should be AVOIDED?as they make us with yellow skin look dull,
especially the pure yellow colour.??▼

But if you have to use these colours, balance it with B&W or?Light Blue,
or wear it at the lower part of your body, away from your face.?▼

Be careful with Grey and Tonal Colour

Yes, Grey is a basic and classic colour, but it is not as good as black and white.
Wearing dark grey will actually make you look dull and boring.

But if that grey dress looks really cute, and you really want it so badly;
add in some White Elements to make it look better.
You wouldn’t believe it, just a touch of white in your grey outfit can make you look classier.▼


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On the other hand, the tonal colour means any colour with a hint of grey, just like this army green.
Most of us with yellow skin can’t handle this kind of colour. ▼



? Fair skin tone ?

Wear anything you like

If you’re blessed with Fair Skin, the whole closet of clothes is yours to choose from, from baby blue, pink, and any light colours, to bright red, dark blue, dark grey, and other dark colours. Light colours make you look younger and fresher, while Dark Colours contrast with your fair skin and make you look brighter.?▼

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? Dark skin??

Warm colours and desaturated colours

If you have Dark Skin, warm and desaturated colours are more suitable for you. You can also try pure black for your whole outfit and complement it with red and violet. Use white, grey and black as harmonic colours, and light brown as the main colour.?▼

Besides, a hint of light blue and dark grey, matches with right red, white, and grey will look great on dark skin.???
Avoid wearing a large amount of dark blue, dark red or any kind of dark colours as they will make you look dull.??

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? Tanned skin??

Contrasting colours like black and white

Contrasting colours like black and white looks amazing on tanned skin. Dark Blue, Charcoal Grey, Dark Red, Emerald Green or anything solid is also suitable for this type of skin colour, but NOT?greenish brown or dark green as they are too contrasting to the skin tone.?▼

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??Pinkish skin??

Slightly saturated warm colours

Try faded lilac and yellow colour doesn’t matter using which as the main colour. Or you can try Light Brown with Blue; Yellowish Brown with Bluish Purple; or Reddish Brown with Bluish Green. Babes with Rosy Cheeks and Black Hair should try outfits of slightly Saturated Warm Colours, or Light Brownish Yellow or Black with Colourful Accessories.

If you’re Tanned, try Pearl Beige Colour.?▼

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?Every skin colour is unique and beautiful.
Find out the suitable colour for your skin tone
and start flaunting your beauty today!!!




Article Translated from 美丽说

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