The All-Matching Slogan Tees

Slogan tee fever was started back in the 60’s where it was used as

a tool by the US presidential candidates for their campaigns.??



▼ It became a fashion item in the 70’s thanks to Vivienne Westwood, the mother of modern punk.




Recently, the slogan tee has been used for brand marketing.

??An iconic slogan maketh a brand, or the designer.??


For example, when Trump became the president of the US, the 2017 Women’s March

happened to protest for women’s rights and other rights.

It was joined by Natalie Portman, Madonna, Emma Watson, and other celebrities.??




Needless to say, Dior’s slogan tee printed with the phrase

“We Should All Be Feminists” became the most wanted item.??




The thing about a slogan tee is that, it never runs out of surprises.

You can just wear it on its own or with other item, and you’ll look just as fashionable.??




Slogan Tee + Skinny Jeans

It’s so simple and you’ll never go wrong with this look.??




T-shirt is the symbol of youthfulness and liveliness.

It matches well with a skinny jeans that makes your legs look longer, and a pair of sneakers.

??Don’t forget to casually tuck in your shirt.??





Slogan Tee + Casual Pants

Although the tee and the pants are both loose clothing,

you’ll look great if you balance it out with a pair of high heels~??




Slogan tee which design is made up mostly with alphabets is simple and not too fancy.

You’ll look elegant in a slogan tee if worn with a designer pants.??





Slogan Tee + Shorts or Mini Skirt

Bet this will be the most favoured outfit in Malaysia, and you know why~??




It’s a perfect match for Malaysian chicks~

It’s simple and comfortable to wear, and you’ll still feel fresh even under the hot sun.??





Slogan Tee + Ladylike Skirt

Slogan tee can also be worn elegantly by matching it with a ladylike skirt~??




You can also wear it differently by tying the corner of the shirt up.

With a pencil skirt and a cute sandals, you’ll look as ladylike as you can be.??





With all that has been said, here’s some slogan tees that you might like~

Good luck finding one!??



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Article Translated from 美丽说

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