Modern Minimalist is the New Black (Office Lady Edition)

The concept of minimalism has become trendy for a while now, and it’s most likely here to stay.

Scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or any fashion blogs, the word “Minimalist” keeps popping up.

Truth is told, there are many advantages to going minimal??

For starters, you’ll get to save three things: Time, Money, and Space, and what’s more important than this?


Being indecisive in sartorial choice every time we need to go out not only annoy and frustrate us,

but also wasted a considerable amount of our time!??


While there are no hard and fast rules in how to be a MINIMALIST,

some quick tips would always help in getting you to be more informed and to get the hang of being more with less.

We’ve sorted out some of the basic essential items that you might need in your minimalist wardrobe.

Let’s take a look!



Button Down Shirt

No matter who you are, what you do, where you’re at, button-down shirt is a MUST in your wardrobe.

To say it is an essential, highly needed, extremely necessary item is definitely not exaggerating.

It’s a very decent, appropriate, polite outfit for the fact that it is collared and button down.


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For formal occasions, we wear it the traditional way by tucking it in and buttons up.

It’s not boring or dull at all to wear it this way but instead many people see a woman in a proper white button down shirt as capable, sleek, smart, and even sexy.

We can also wear it for casual occasions by wearing it over a camisole and not buttoning it up.

See how flexible it is???



You can also go for oversize-style with this striped button-down shirt.

The thin stripes look delicate and refined on the shirt, giving you a FEMININE LOOK.

Besides wearing it the normal way, you can also casually tucking part of it in, or wear it as a jacket over a singlet to create a more relaxed, lazy vibe.


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When you see the word “slacks”, does things like “boring”, “OL”, “too formal” come into your mind?

Well, I’m here to prove you wrong!

To be honest, you’ll look smart and sleek in slacks!

This high waist Harem style slacks is funky but in a subtle way, which is PERFECT to add some fun to your boring wardrobe.



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Click to view > Loose Cross Pants



On the other hand, for skirts.

We would recommend one with a length that covers or is slightly above your knees because this is the terrific length for casual and formal use.



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Click to view > High Waist Skirt


Click to view > Polka Dots Skirt



If plain black or white is too boring for you, why not go for polka dots?

This polka dots ruffle skirt is cute and elegant, perfect for workplace if the match with the collared button-down shirt,

and casual for outings if matched with a singlet.




Simple Dress


A dress is a wonderful creation for women.

Depending on the right jewelry and accessories you wear, it can be formal, or casual.

The most important is to keep the dress itself as simple as possible, and use accessories such as jewelry, belt, shoes, jacket, etc.

to make it a formal or casual depending on the occasion.

With this, you can achieve the goal of one dress, for many purposes.??


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Click to view > Retro Female Dress


This kind of dress is PERFECT.

Without any extra unnecessary design or decoration, it’s simple and suitable to be worn everywhere.

The most importantly, this dress has got pockets!

Very thoughtful and practical!??



Office is a place where we need to go to, at least 5 days a week!

Believe you have to worry about what to wear to office every morning and it has be a huge headache for you,

not to mention that the time you waste to decide what to wear.

It’s time to NARROW DOWN your choice of office outfits to something with great quality, and all-matching,

because life is all-about quality, not quantity, and so is fashion~



Written by Ivy Chu

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