Undeniable in everyone’s heart, live a fairy tale.

Be it romance, love or adventurous??

Everyone wishes to live a “happily ever after” or “never grow up” life despite the stressed up and busy routines???


Nowadays in order to look Young and Radiant, ladies are willing to give in everything from top to toes.

If you are one of the same kind, you can as well do so by putting a little effort in your makeover.

?Combination of shirts or dresses with Peter Pan collar is like magic!



▲? Look, exactly as though your 18-year-old.????

Hot pretty mama ZhangZiYi and YangMi are the best examples after all.

You wouldn’t know their actual figures until I refer them as “mama”???


▲ In our previous episodes, whenever mentioning about basic collar definitely is a WHITE SHIRT.

The colour white just makes us feel natural and pure as the way it is??


▲ White shirt with Peter Pan collar and oversized sleeves is good to go with dungaree.
Does this bring you back to the school time Sailor Moon??
Just that without the high cut socks?



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▲ Put some colours in your apparel guarantees freshness and youthfulness??

▲ Or some ALLOVER gingham pattern dress with short sleeves, goodness vintage in this modernity??



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▲ One piece patterned dress with Peter Pan collar and button cuffed sleeves by Lau Kar-ling??

▲ The contrast of dark and light colours blend well in at one gland.
That’s the modernity we are talking about??



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Never underestimate the power of little effort even though just at the collar.

Now, what is your “Never Grow Up” secret???


More Collar Dresses????

Click > More Dresses


Article Translated from 美丽说


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