Last year’s super hit K-pop drama “Descendants of The Sun (2016)”?

captures everyone by this cute couple of Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-Kyo.

We all shipped them together and the show delivers; much to fans’ surprise and envy,

the ship sails to real life where they announced their wedding news.??

Let’s have a look at how this couple brings up the new fashion trend!

In the TV show, they usually wear simple and plain ?

Since we are at it, might as well revisit this scene that leaves fangirls (and fanboys) screaming

Another one!??

Had enough? No?

Let’s see how’s their love life in daily scenarios, and what they wore to date.??

Daily sweet photo 1,2 and 3???


There we go,

if that’s still not enough for you there’s lots more at Song Hye-Kyo’s Instagram.

But did anyone paid ATTENTION to what they are wearing?

Song Hye-Kyo wears simple and relaxed neutral palette,

yet never compromising on any design less of elegance and grace.

Maybe we can steal our crush’s hurt too if we were like her?

Right girls???



Simple white t-shirt and A-skirt

If you want to be as pretty as this angel fallen on earth,

don’t simply wear any colours on your outfit.

You want to look graceful and elegant as her?

Wear Simple Colours but fashionable in design.

? ?See how she wears a pristine white crop top to bring out the youthful and feminine ambience;

then match it up with an A-skirt,

which naturally sculpts your legs to look SLIM?(Girls, take note!).

Finally, top it up with a pair of slim and tall high heels to bring out the goddess in you.


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Classic polka dots + jeans

There is a gentle aura around Song Hye-Kyo that really brings out the beauty in a classic design,

She is frequently spotted with elements of polka dot and jeans.

Effortlessly display a style of timeless classic suits for all occasion;

whether it is casual office outfit or living the university life, polka dots and jeans is always a Good Choice.??



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Simple design dress in neutral palette ?

A Simple Dress in neutral palette takes the hassle away from picking your daily outfit,

it’s simplicity in colour and design also shows a sense that you are hardworking and dedicated to your work,

not coming into the office like a colourful butterfly.??

This pink dress of Song Hye-Kyo brings out the fairness of the skin and accents the feminine charm.


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After examining these three fashion styles of Song Hye-kyo, we have listed out how she picks her dress (Girls, take note!).

  1. Proportionate your body into the desired Coca-Cola bottle body with simple coloured T-shirt and A-skirt

  2. Brings out a gentle charm with the classic, polka dot and jeans
  3. A simple coloured dress that exudes a charming grace


On the note of elegance and grace, you can never miss Tina Tang, Fan Bingbing, and Tang Wei.

Let us see what these celebrities fit into their wardrobe and learn a thing or two from them ???

▲Tina Tang is always active and cute on the camera, and she is the same too in real life.

She is always seen in pieces that matches easily;

like this simple typography t-shirt and ripped jean pants, SIMPLE, VERSATILE and TRENDY


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▲ Yet sometimes she also switched to a COOL STYLE,

as seen in her recent appearance with a trendy jacket donned over a t-shirt,

matched with the trending ripped jeans and a pair of sexy high heels.??



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▲ Nevertheless, she also has a charming side,

no one can resist this sweet smile matched with this?Champagne Pink Dress.??


▲ Fan Bingbing always holds a striking presence,

making her a trend-leading fashion icon.

This floral print dress of her showcases the countless hours designer put into it;

the fluttering sleeves cover the flabby part yet shows the fairness of your skin,

and a belt that helps to sculpt and proportions your body.????


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▲ She is always known to be a little bit on the weight,

yet always able to be glamorous in her look.

The crucial element that makes this happen is V-neck!

A simple V-neck dress can easily makes your face looks smaller and slims your whole body.??


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▲ At her recent appearance,

Tang Wei wears a deep V strap dress in deep sea blue,

enhancing her shinning appearance.



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After so many different styles from these celebrities,

did you pick up the one you are wearing to your next Christmas date?

Let’s steal his heart before anyone does! ????




Article Translated from 美丽说

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