Mentioning about Stitches or?Needlework.?

Nothing less than the famous Great China ancient handcrafted embroidery.

However, the ancient handcrafted embroidery represented historical and cultural value in the past era.

Today in the FASHION industry,

embroidery has created an exclusive new page of fairytales that going wild because of stitches and threads.??

Embroidery works symbolize noble and elegance whenever it is put on the catwalk stage.?

The richness of the embroidery is outshined in every piece of clothes and is frequently appeared in most of the

high-end weekly fashion shows.???


Putting stitches on clothes is the NEW trending love in recent years.

However, an overdose of the stitches can be destructive?

Always bear in mind by associating the richness of embroidery into our daily appearance, the least is the best as it is meant not to complicate.??




Embroidered Shirt

Embroidery + Shirt has to be a new handcrafted piece of ART?

Simply put it on your body and you will definitely love the fresh idea of these combinations.??

Not to forget to innovate the mixing of your embroidered shirts with plain pants to avoid the conflict of top and bottom.

In fact, your embroidered shirt is the MAIN POINT!

Stylish apparel can be surprisingly light up when the shirt is embroidered at the back.

With the mashup of denim dungaree, I can say it has added up YOUTHFUL?in your today apparel.

Thumbs up on that!??




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Embroidered Tee

T-shirts have been common and famous of its SIMPLICITY.??

For long people have tried to replace prints with embroidery and ended up making it feel like 3D on the tees.

With a little improvement,

T-shirts vary and become another new pick of today’s closet.???

Plain and short sleeve tees get to know about embroidery and they become special friends there ever after.

Besides graphics and pictures, wordings design become the newbies of hot picks.??




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Embroidered Dress

MODERN fashion collection “the NEW BOHO“ is the hottest style that you should not miss!??

The Bohemians trend releases wildness within every young lady with added embroidery on skirts.??

A complication is a form of colourful art.?

As compared to it, simple single embroidery sometimes makes the overall expressions more mature from the outside.

Suitable for those low-profiles.??




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Embroidery + Shirt is as though Hip Hop + Asia.??

The new decoration makes them the rarest but special with their own creations.

What are you waiting for?????

Grab one now out for photo shooting!???



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Article Translated from 美丽说


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