One Scarf Satisfy All

I believe that everyone has that one friend that is very thrifty but

would spend without hesitation on clothes ?, make up?? and accessories.??

This is not a rare case among girls because we know that the money?? is

worth spending on improving our appearances and

we get huge satisfaction not only physically but also mentally.??




But it’s even satisfying if we can find something with good quality but cheaper price,

even better if it is multi-functional!??




▼?Look no more, here’s one for you: Scarf.




?? ?Scarf? ??

Audrey Hepburn once said, “When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.”??




If you ask “why would I wear a scarf here when the weather is always hot???”

then you should know that a scarf is no longer a garment that is only used to keep you warm,

but it has become an accessory to add elements of class and elegance to your outfit.??




The scarf has become a popular fashion item nowadays,

be it long or short, plain color or floral printed.??




▼ Its mere presence is an upgrade to your look beside acting as a protection to your beautiful neck.





Scarf + Sling Dress / Short Sleeves

Some may think that a sling dress is too exposed, or too dull on its own.

Scarf is here to rescue you in this situation?Add a scarf to your sling dress and it changes your entire look?

It also has the effect of a choker that beautifies your neckline.??




Don’t you think the outfit on the right look so much better than the one on the left?




??Use a scarf to brighten up your boring plain tee!??




▼ Same black tee, but different effect just because of the scarf~




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Scarf + Shirt

Shirt and jeans are the perfect combination that never goes wrong.

But when everyone is wearing shirt and jeans, be different just by adding a scarf to your outfit!??



Scarf, be it long or short, matches with an oversized shirt to create

a wonderful look that even girls can’t move their eyes?? away from you.



Look at the comparisons between the same outfits, one with a scarf and one without.

▼ The one with scarf is clearly overflowing with charm~??




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Scarf + Jacket

A jacket is one way to add layering to your outfit. But with everyone doing the same,

you’ll need the scarf to add the element of individuality to your look.??


Surprised to see that the contrasting combination of denim jacket and scarf turns out so good?

In fact, scarves look wonderful on all kind of jackets be it denim or suit.??




The scarf looks good on long coat too~ the ones on the left look too formal and stiff,

but become more lively with the help of the scarves.??




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Scarf + Sweater

The sweater is also one of the popular garments among girls. Stand out by wearing a scarf with your sweater.??




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Scarf + Woollen Sweater

Most girls wear sweater necklace to spice up the dull woolen sweater. Go different this time with a scarf?

The sweater looks so different when a scarf is added?

The effect is even obvious with a bright color scarf, or one printed with floral or polka dots~??




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Different way of using a scarf:

It’ll be so boring?? if scarves can only be used on neck~

luckily it can create a different effect when it is used in other places too?


Tie it around your waist like a belt to distract the attention from your legs so that

your waistline will look higher and your legs longer~??

▼ This is especially a great way of dressing up if you are not satisfied with your leg figure.




Didn’t imagine that it’ll look so amazing on wrist and ankle?Makes one looks so elegant and beautiful~??




It can also be used as a headband, simple yet special. It’s so attractive when used on ponytail and braid?

The simplest way is to use it to tie your hair~??




Tying a scarf on a bag is no longer new but its super effective~

It gives a whole new look to your bag so it’s like you own two bags~??




Can’t wait to buy one to try?You’ll definitely find the perfect one here?




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Scarves are so affordable and so useful that one is just not enough!??

You can always buy a few with different designs to match your different outfits~??





Article Translated from 美丽说

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