Fall is a season that will never happen in a tropical country like Malaysia.

However, if you are planning an overseas vacation in four season’s country with your family and friends,??????

it is time to grab some outfits idea in this fall??




Handsome Military Style

Following the famous couple in the Korean drama series,

Descendants of the Sun, everyone is not getting over on military fashion,

the spirits are still spreading all over the country on wearing military fashion in a cool and handsome style??


1??Military Camo Essentials

▲ Matching a set of military camo jacket gives the image of steadiness in oneself.

YangMi with her new haircut and military camo jacket have fully demonstrated her PERSONALITIES??


▲?Chinese celebs such as JingTian and her vintage military style?

The oversize white inner top and military camo jacket catch the eyes of many?

A very interesting vintage street fashion?


▲ Camouflage is the love of life for Kendall Jenner!

With the model body shape and height, crop top and leggings are always the favourite matches,

plus the military camo jacket adds in the coolness in her fashion style?



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2??Military Green / Army Green Essentials

How would you like to wear your own military green?

Check out Victoria’s Secret fashion model Liu Wen in her floral dress and military green jacket.

This new kind of mix and match is definitely TRADEMARKED on her fashion attitude?


▲ The airport is always the hot spot to spot celebs??

Forever youthful Tang Yan when appearing in the airport has caught the eyes of media and social followers on her military greens long jacket.

??Thumbs up for her easy-going and casual trends??


▲ Another military green jacket was spotted in the airport??



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Characteristic Denim Style

▲ Tang Yan Xin, famous for her role in ancient drama series,

when putting on her T-shirt and denim jacket during her movie premiere.

This changeover of fashion style with some patches on the denim jacket shows off the naughtiness in her personalities.??


Handsomely cool the leather patched denim jacket!

Perfectly outshine the funny and unpredictable behaviours in her.

Awesomely cool???



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Sporty Chic

Sporty chic is regarded as old school outdated outfits during our parents’ cool era.

It is then brought back as another NEW HOT TREND followed by many??


Let’s check out these street photo shooting session ? ? ?



Qi Wei??


Zhang Tianai?●? Guan Xiaotong??



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Fall is a reminder of change is beautiful.

Time to get change for your vacation???




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Article Translated from 美丽说

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