Kris Wu:?“Do you have FreeStyle?”

Following the end of a reality show,

The Rap of China, recap from the beginning during the audition,

Producer Kris Wu often ask for freestyle from all the participants!

Devilish “Free Style” is there born!??



What is FreeStyle???

In fact, there are many to define “FREESTYLE”.

Generally, it is meant an impromptu act, casual or random performance.??

In Hip-Hop, freestyle rapping is of the impromptu performance.???





No Bound and be the Real Self, that’s Free Style


Freestyle fashionista Yang Mi, always in her own way of a casual and trendy outfit.

This oversize one-piece is the way she defines herself in a comfortable zone.??

Oversize sweater and her during a reality show shooting venue.?



Outwear like the fashionista as though you are in your 18.

Oversize if wear it the right way can give you a slim and young look and Yang Mi is the one!??



Regardless of your HEIGHT,

an oversized sweater is the benchmark of freestyle fashion and very welcoming by models and actresses.??


Ordinary people like us staying in a hot weather country like Malaysia, oversize can be DIFFERENT!!

This kind of freestyle can easily be spotted in airport perhaps because of the comfortability!

This casual outfit with an oversized BF TEE,

a sneaker with trending high socks, that’s FREESTYLE!!



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Outwear the Basics – That’s Free Style


Explosive recommendations often see the same outfit walking on the street.

If you have your own attitude of wearing, learn not to wear an outfit the way it is.

Let’s see this pink white striped shirt, interpreted by 3 persons at the same time with the different style of wearing,

that’s FreeStyle!!??



Decorated with straps balance the upper and lower body line makes her long legs.

This oversize striped shirt has definitely diversified the interpretation of striped shirt.


Which one do you prefer the most?

The one with a long skirt or simply with patched jeans?

Both of them wearing it out of STYLE.

That’s FreeStyle!




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Out of Style – That’s Free Style

Airport fashionista Yang Mi loves shorts to show her long legs.

Sometimes as this, the main spotlight is on her short jeans, wearing in opposite way.



Spotted with the same short jeans wearing oppositely in style, product by online tag Unravel Project!



Not only in shorts but also available in long jeans wearing in the opposite.

Somehow it looks like you can wear it outside in or inside out, double-sided jeans!

Thumb up for that!????

Perhaps that’s the new FreeStyle!




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This year is really hot with patched or torn outfits.

Shirts with torn in purpose creates a new styling outlook.

With Jolin and her torn jeans show off the bold side of out of style!

That’s FreeStyle!!?




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If printed words or logo tee is the t-shirt benchmark, now with hits is the one printed with Chinese words, that’s the trending symbolic!

Joker Xue and his “Love and Peace” printed t-shirt.??

You can even custom made your own emotion on your t-shirt, that’s the POWER OF SILENCE.

That’s Free Style!




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With so many freestyles, what is your own FreeStyle?

Define one on your own.




Article Translated from 美丽说

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