Crop Top or also mentioning as Off-the-Shoulder Top has been selling hot this year!

Many pretties are afraid of wearing these hot stuff due to

shoulder exposure and feeling less secure.

In fact with the uncommon wearing by matching the crop top with overall pants

can definitely light up new sparks and at the same time,

minimise your shoulder exposure that you don’t even feel like you are wearing

an Off-the-Shoulder Top!

This kind of matching uncommonly brings the gentleness and sexy back together with a

little of naughtiness in every young ladies’ heart.

My eyes wides open and straight away I say: “Wow, this is so cool!”??


▲ Lily Aldridge, Victoria’s Secret angel puts on her old school boot cut denim dungaree with her white crop top.

If high waist overall pants are too mainstream on its own with the ladies,

the combination with the Off-the-Shoulder Top refreshes the outdated impressions

that you may have instead of only the common white Tee.

Simple yet attractive with the new trending old school combinations that outshine the true self of every young ladies.??


▲ If overall pants are way too hot for a tropical country like Malaysia,

you can as well consider the short pants dungaree with a little ripped off.

Previously in the Hunan Television,

Guli Nazha and Lu Han were featuring in the Happy Camp TV show and guess what!

Guli Nazha with her short pants denim dungaree and Off-the-Shoulder strips shirt

which shows off the LIVELINESS?within her.


▲ Compared to the mainstream overall pants,

the short pants dungaree is still hot picks for tall and long legs ladies.

Decorated with high heels or flats are just nice to OUTSHINE YOURSELF!????



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▲ Oversea celebs seem to fall in love with the new trendy overall pants.

Look at her stylish glasses and here is the

Brazilian Lifestyle Blogger Helena Bordon often with her overall pants during street photo-shooting.???


This kind of overall pants differs from the commons as the boot-cut type enables oneself to look tall visually.?▲?

Even though you don’t get to have 42 inches long legs,

with this kind of combinations and design,

you can as well wear the sexy long legs out in the public.



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Besides the dark blue denim,

the all loves black and white overall pants are also well-received by many.

Purely white and secretive black seem to have the magical power to calm self during bad days. ??

Waffle-knit or lettuce-edge type top always bring out the girlish within young ladies.

With the match of overall pants,



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Dare to challenge the brand new old-school musical fashion in this season?

Let the simple crop top and denim overall pants be your top favourite in your cupboard!


Wait No More!! Start your shopping list today!?????




Article Translated from 美丽说

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