Shirts are always fascinating for women.??

Rather formal than T-Shirts, shirts are trending and easy ensembles.??

Most likely celebs also LOVE to outwear shirts in public?



The fact is there but somehow when you dig your own closet and take out the one and only shirt from the bottom,

as well the only adjective is OUT-DATED!

When is your last time to get up to date fashion sense in shirts?

I can say you are among the luckiest fellows here,

right now to show you the hottest trends!??



??Show Your Skin

Do not stingy to show off your shoulder’s fairness before the year ends.??

In today upstream, open up is the best self-expressed of the year.

This does not include that you buttoned down your shirt for a little of the secretive garden??

Instead of that,

show your shoulders for a better tomorrow in this year!!



Off-the-Shoulder shirt is this year’s TOP PICK regardless of jeans or short skirts.??

One can guarantee the sexiness and popularity!

Faster try up one piece today!??



Sometimes two will be too much and you can opt for one.?

By opening up two sides of shoulders, why not just one-sided?

The irregular ratio of showing off your shoulders from the collar bones makes your topline slims and lusty.??

Hereby present to you the new wave of wearing Off-the-Shoulder tops!!?



IF you have run out of ideas to pick the comfortable shirt, pick the half!??

Not only slimming down to your waistline from top, outshine your hardcore collar bones!!

Unbelievable attractive!??



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“Hey friend, the crop top is still way too much for my shoulder, I don’t think it is suitable for me.”

For whatever reasons if you are held up just to show a little area of your shoulder,

you are definitely COOL in your own way.??

Open shoulder shirt is one of the kinds that keep the feminine within you.??



Material matters!

This chiffon type of contemporary open shoulder shirt is very welcoming by office ladies.??

Be it for casual smart or comfort style?



▲ The mainland famous actor Liu Tao is one of the celebs that LOVE?open shoulder shirt with soft materials.

Partially show only the shoulder instead of the chubby arm and this suit for those in extra KGs.??



▲?Fan Bingbing, the beautiful actor outwears the contemporary striped shirt with the only one-sided open shoulder.

Way more decent in the outfit by matching with her mid splitter skirt.??



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?The 2 Elements that Landmark 2017

Stripped Shirt is the classic in its own way.

Whoever he/she, a basic striped shirt is a must in everyone’s closet as it will never fade away because of diversified fashion trends.??



This time upgrading the level of strips by giving them a brighter colour,

surprisingly the newly defined colour lighten up the overall appearance,

putting up freshness for the new match.??




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?Lotus Leafy

The new decoration that creates curves and rhythmic for any apparels.

Commonly known are skirt’s bottom and neck collar.??



The presentation of lotus leafy is strong and still getting strong by days.

It presents the 3D visually better than other decorations.??

Also known as “Trumpet Sleeves”, it increases the layering back to the old times where classical and elegance is emphasized!!



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?Sleeves are all that mattered!

This year fashion lovers have gone wild through sleeves cutting.

Exaggerated trumpet sleeves or oversized casual sleeves are eyes catching,??

outwear the mainstream with ATTITUDE.



Definitely, love the new chemistry with trumpet sleeves!

The smooth trimming makes the cuteness shines without forgetting the attached V-shape collar.??



Lantern style sleeves decorated with accessories like pearls makes oneself the princess of your own!??



You might have bought uncountable white shirts and tops.

However, by choosing the one with unique sleeves’ design will put you under the spotlight.??

Try the new sleeves today!!



This is a fantastic new sleeves’ icon of the year!??

Totally out of the grid and the famous celebs Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and Angelababy are also wearing them!

The main spot of this shirt is the sleeves itself.

Look at them and they are all open up from armpits to arm wrists.

I name them the “Out of Style Strips Shirt”.

It looks cool and chilling, especially under the hot weather!??



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Undoubtedly, sleeves become the shirt’s trending icon whenever comes to choose one.??

High pitch ladies can sometimes out of the grid and pick the one she likes as long as happiness always come first!??



Oppositely, simple yet low-profile ladies can always at the fashion’s front lines too.

It can be as simple as a knot on the sleeves or an opening that speak everything.??




The New Attitude – Knots

Knots have somehow replaced the conventional buttons and transmitted the hottest body shape in every ladies!??

When it is left untied, as though in the windy fall!



Contemporary or high school musical?

Back to basic, butterfly knots are often seemed as Mickey Mouse knots but eye-catching!??



Easy going untied knots is sophisticated.

Tied up knots is bloomed.??



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We never get bored of shirts!!

However, pick the ONE that represents yourself can earn you more gazes!

Be your own shirt trends follower and shine bright like a diamond!????




Article Translated from 美丽说



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