The Perfect Look for Office Ladies

There’s a saying that goes “You only live once, so live it right”,

but how to live life right when you can’t even dress right???

Here are some TIPS that can help you especially with the office ladies~??



To copy the model’s look, try these:????


Click to view > New Wild Casual Striped Bow Short-Sleeved Shirt


If you need to wear shirts to work but don’t wanna look like a typical office lady,

this is the shirt for you!??


Click to view > Elastic High Waist Hip Dress



This split skirt is PERFECT to wear to the office.??


Click to view > Female Round Thick Heels


If you’re not used to wearing high heels, choose one with block heels.

It’s steady and elegant at the same time~??


You can also try out these looks:????


Click to view > Short-Sleeved White Shirt



Thank god Malaysia always has the perfect weather for us to wear an off-shoulder top.

It’s sexy yet appropriate and it makes you stand out.??


Click to view > New Wrap Skirt Chiffon One Piece Chic Skirt



It’s light and breathable, and look at that tropical style prints,

is it tailor-made for Malaysian chicks???


Click to view > Fashion Lock Handbags Mini Bag



Use this mini sling bag to COMPLETE your look.

It’s useful and cute~??


Click to view > New Korean Version Bow Knot Mule Shoes



The most trended shoes this year.

Perfect to be matched with midi length skirt and shirt if you’re opting for an elegant look~??


You’re spending half of your day at the office, so go to work in STYLE?



Article Translated from 美丽说




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