Perfect Vacation Dresses for Your Holiday Vibes!

What do Malaysians love the most? HOLIDAYS for sure!

Malaysian babes will not miss the chance to post some vacation photos on social media to contribute to the holiday vibes~

But what is a vacation without a glamorous vacation dress that flow in the wind as you walk!



Off Shoulder Balloon Sleeve Dress


White dress is simple and elegant, and it is extremely photogenic no matter what scenery that you are taking your photos in.

Another plus point: it can be worn to work too after your vacation ends?.


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Flounce Sleeve Mini Dress


If you don’t like short dresses, but also don’t wanna be too exposed, this mini dress is perfect for you with its long sleeves.

It’s also ladylike and kinda retro~


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Click to view> Small fresh suspender dress



Off Shoulder Dress with Straps


It’s the same type worn by Bae Suzy,

but is added with laces to become more elegant-like~


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Click to view> Ruffled Word Collar Strapless Hip Dress



Off Shoulder Chiffon Flounce Mini Dress


The collar and the waist are designed to be flexible,

so this dress can fit all sizes and you don’t have to worry about exposure~

You can also pull up the collar to make it into short sleeves~


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Retro Maxi Beach Dress


This dress is the definition of sexiness and elegance~

At the same time, it is comfortable to wear,

and the design at the waist makes your body figure looks good.


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Guipure Lace Mini Dress


This is so preeeettyyyyy???

The color and the design are just so dreamy.

It’s perfect for any young girls!


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Vacations are just NOT COMPLETE without a vacation dress!

Get one now!


Article Translated from 美丽说

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