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We had always envied the cool look of a trendy coat but they are not always on sale,

which makes this the best time to buy a set of a suit.??




Speaking of the suit, some still recall them as the traditional, old-fashioned attire.

However, it had experienced massive changes throughout the years.

It is no longer giving out the impression of salesman or promoters but instead it is now a trendy icon in the fashion world.??




▼ It had appeared in various Fall fashion shows and below are a few photos of them.

Left: Neil Barrett Fall 2017? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Right: Tibi Fall 2017




Left: Hermès Resort 2017? ? ? ? ? ? Right: Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2017




As the fashion icon that is always on the runway,

actress and fashion bloggers won’t miss the chance to keep up with the latest trend.??



Tiffany Yan, Chinese Paladin 3 — a velvet suit and airy lob hairstyle,

easily captures the heart of men and boys.??




Maggie Jiang, My Best Ex Boyfriend — a stylish trench coat and a pair of high heels

brings a sexy twist to her coat and amplifies her stunning legs.??




▼ Karlie Kloss, Victoria Secret’s angel —a black coat and a slim-fit jeans for a chic and lean look.




Kim Kardarshian — a cream coat, white crop top, and loose-fit jeans,

blends the hardcore of the coat and the sexiness of the crop top beautifully.??




Although we have seen thousands of photos with stunning models wearing a coat,

some of us still didn’t quite get the hang of it.??

▼ Below are some tips on how to bring out the flavor of a coat while

matching it with other garments to create the leisure and chic look.??



??Coat + Jeans

A coat and a pair of jeans will never go wrong,

easily sport a stylish look with this classic combination.??

Add a touch of the trending chequered elements, blue jeans,

and pointy boots and elevates the whole presentation to a fashion connoisseur’s delight.??




A velvet coat exudes a sense of retro classic,

but if matched with a pair of jeans it gives out a unique combination of old and young.??




Light blue jeans matched with black upper garment seem boring at times,

put on a chequered coat and lights up instantly.??




For the bold and the dare, you can try to have just a bralette beneath the coat,

flaunting a mix of sexiness and dashing.??




Coat + jeans + leather boots are one of the best combinations of autumn wear.

You can pick a pair of mom jeans for a better look, it is loose-fitting, high-rise,

and the?hem ends a little bit just above the ankle.??




Other than the neutral tones of black, white and grey,

you can have more vibrant colors to perk up the look.??

How about a green coat, blue jeans, and a red shoulder bag?




If you are hesitant to go full force with the colors in your outfit,

you can start off with the smaller garments or accessories.??

What do you think about a green boot or metallic accessories?




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??Coat + Wide Leg Pants

TIf you think jeans are too basic, why not try on a coat with a pair of wide-leg pants.

his mix of these two garments creates a prominent statement with a classic touch.??

Catch the eyes with this stunning look of a long camel coat and black wide-leg pants.

It has a strong personality that suits a formal wear.??




If you are wearing a slim fit chequered coat, then don’t pick pants that are too wide, just a bit is enough.

Top that up with a simple white T-shirt and a pair of white sneakers, easily an Instagram-worthy look.??




Unlike the previous casual stylish look, you can choose to have an elegance yet sexy look

with a combination of coat + lace bralette + wide leg pants.??




Sometimes you can also have a coat that has some extra decoration on its own to lighten up.

This set of grey coat and asymmetrical pink wide leg pants is pretty and gentle.?▼




This is a minimalist style that is easy to wear,

a stylish black trench coat plus light beige wide leg pants is? stylish, cool and?? elegant.?




Want to stand out in social outings or meet up with besties?

Utilise the contrast effect by having a light-colored coat versus a dynamic color, such as the dark green here.??




If you have trouble matching an upper garment with this kind of school uniform style wide leg pants,

fix it with a coat and be bold and be different.??




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??Coat + Shorts/Skirts

A coat and shorts/skirts are one of the best combinations of early Autumn.

Embrace the lingering warmth from the previous season and show the world your beautiful legs.??



Coats with chequer pattern are trendy, you can match that trendiness with a sleek and shiny boot.

If the coat is of middle length cutting, make sure that the shorts or skirts are not longer than it,

this will create an appearance of longer legs.??




▼ Navy elements and brightly-colored skirts are a good addition and pairing with a coat.




Even if it is just a simple white T-shirt, denim shorts, and black coat, it is also stunningly beautiful.??




Red and blue is a classic contrast combination,

the addition of the contrast between velvet versus denim textiles makes this combination stunning.??




This classic and exquisite outfit is complemented by a middle-length dress and ankle length socks.?

It is even better if the socks are the same color with the coat.?




Velvet textile is a big hit this year.

Look how impressive this outfit is a velvet coat and denim shorts in the same color,

plus a pair of velvet boots.??




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A suit is a symbol of style and elegance.

Yet it is also surprisingly easy to sport the stylish look as long as you choose the correct elements,

removing the hassle of mixing and matching garment combinations.??



Cotton reduces the formality of a suit, making it soft and not that stiff-looking,

such as this light blue cotton suit here.?▼




The woman on the left looks taller than the right, even if both of them have nearly the same height and heels’ length.

The magic? It is the belt that proportionates her figure to this appearance.??




When you are bored with the black and grey neutral tones, why not try a light and bright color.

This pink suit is graceful, gentle, and harmoniously blends with the people.??




Chequers and stripes are the favorite elements in the fashion world,

they remove the stiffness of a set of the suit and gives a dynamic boost.??




A set of the suit in pure white seems boring,

but with some exquisite additions and details, it looks really cool.??




Velvet, the classic, had seen a comeback in the fashion world this season due

to its ability to create a different style with each different color.

Blue velvet exudes grace and elegance, while wine red brings back the classic.??





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??Coat + Dress

To add a touch of feminine to a set of suit,

the best choice is either a dress or skirt beneath the coat.

A simple slit dress topped with a simple coat is a good way to lift the elegance.??




When the quintessential neutral tones of black, grey and white blends together,

it enhances femininity and designer elements of the outfit.??




If you want a smaller figure or longer legs, you can give long coats and short dresses a try.

This combination balances the proportion of your body.??




A coat in classic white, a slim-fit dress with dynamic colors,??

and a wild appearance is all that needs to charm the world.?▼





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Thanks for reading until the end, excited to try on a coat with your preferred combinations?

Browse through our array of apparels for sale down here.??



Article Translated from 美丽说

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