Pointy-toe Shoes For The Fair Ladies

All girls want their legs to look as long as possible.??

For some reason, long legs are the definition of beauty and undeniably girls with long legs do look good.

Many girls would do anything to make their legs visually longer, and wearing high heels is one of the most obvious ways to obtain the result.??

But no matter how good it looks, high heels are not suitable and definitely not comfortable enough to be worn daily.

But guess what,

we don’t actually have to choose between comfortableness and beauty when we have the almighty POINTY-TOE FLATS!



▲ Look just how good Alexa Chung looks in her flats~

She wears flats to almost every event and occasions and looks just as elegant~??



▲ First thing first, if you are buying a pair of shoes, nude is the perfect color!

It’ll MATCH almost every kind of outfit, and it’s CLOSER to your skin color,

so it will not be too showy, which is something you absolutely do not want if you’re not confident with your leg figure.??



It’ll look as if it’s part of your skin and hence make your legs look longer~



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However, one problem about pointy-toe flats that girls always complain of is that it looks like they are not wearing shoes.

Easy. This can be solved just by adding a strap.???▼


▼ Classic Mary Janes,

with its significant design: a strap across the ankle, looks as innocent and romantic as always.???




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Flats with straps need to be MATCHED with shorts or mini skirt so your leg figure will look great.??

But it’s not recommended to those with bigger calves.?▼



This elegant flats complement each type of legs well and make them look slimmer and longer.

It’s also comfortable and convenient to be worn in hot weather.??




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Think yourself not lady-like enough?

Let pointy-toe shoes work magic on you!??


Article Translated from 美丽说


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