Who makes the way for ruffled dress code?

By the way, do you know what is “RUFFLED”?

I have named one or two that I think have made the ripple effects out of it.

Let’s take a look!??


The 25-year-old Chinese actress, Zhou DongYu is found to be a fan of ruffled dress code.

Extra rippled ornaments often are seen to be added to necklines and sleeves.

Even with a little of make-up, the ruffles are always her favourites.??


The fairy tales baby doll dress defines the tranquillity and uniqueness.??



Formality comes with shirt + pant and high heels.

The spotlight is her Burberry dark blue British style overcoat.??

Special ruffled ornaments by the sides add up her overall stylish expression


No matter how cool or boyish your makeover will be,

the ripple effects will smoothen the hardcore within you!??





Most Common Effect: The Ruffled Necklines

Pleating and overlapping sound complicated sometimes but as well the most eyes catching!

The challenging part is the way to outwear the complexity inside out without overshoot the beauties and sweetness of the outfit.??


The little “Dutch Lady” neckline creates a clash between the soft and hard combinations.






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Most Vintage Element: Ruffled Sleeves

Fashionista will never forget the extra pleated sleeves and its ruffled elements.

Exchanging the plain with wavy decorations as though bringing us back to the Victorian era.

Salute on the vintage!??



Pretty OL outfits such as blouses or plain shirts,

if added up with some scattered and frilled garments, this is which it becomes!

The magical treasure you get that slimming down your arms and putting you under the loves of many!??





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Most Playful Trick: Frilled Dress

Not only neckline and sleeves, pleated frills covering the body is regarded as the new sexy back and yet comfortable.

Bringing us the perfect visualization in a brand NEW WORLD!



A wrap dress is always the lady princess’s hot pick!!??

Of course with the add-on of pleated and flip over at necklines or sleeves,

the slim fit wrap dress outshines the feminine within.





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No Pleats No Ruffles!

Are you fashionista enough for the extras???





Article Translated from 美丽说



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