How to Rock a Romper like Celebrities

Spring & Summer is here and it’s the season of rompers.

Whether they are light pink, floral patterns, and the killing black romper, heads are turned for sure.

However, one question that men always asked when seeing such beauty is

“How do women go to the toilet with that?”??




▼ Well, it’s actually like this…




Yep, that’s how we go to the washroom and settle our business with a Romper.

Even though it seems so much hassle to wear a romper, city chic and trendy girls still adore its look.

They like how it cut around the waist, easily producing a slimming effect and makes your legs tall and thin.??

Outdated and old??Who said that?

Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardarshian had also fashioned rompers as a piece of beauty.




▲?This photo showing Brigitte Lin wearing a romper will

never felt outdated even though it is actually captured in the 80’s.



More celebrities had been seen matching their attire with rompers this year,

Shuying Jiang also wore it during the recent tv show

– Divas Hit the Road –




▼ An elegant matt black romper matching with cute white sneakers, perfect.??




Light purple camisole rompers give out a feeling of natural beauty.??




Overalls style Romper

Whether you are shopping in the mall or working in an office, rompers got you covered.

An office-style romper usually features quality textile with simple design;

spice it up with some metal pieces or trinkets and it looks so COOL.??



▲ If you want a softer appearance, just tone down the color.

Famous China actress Qin Lan fashion this pink romper into an icon of Youthful Beauty.



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Female Thin Overalls Romper
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Casual and relaxed style

Worried that cool-looking romper felt masculine?

This can be solved with a range of colors, patterns and designs.

A dash of this season’s trending floral element or patterns of line easily make you playful and feminine~??




▼ A soft texture and carefree design makes it perfect for a vacation~




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Female Sleeveless Striped Romper
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Romper Shorts

Feeling the heat of Summer and wanting some breeze? Then these short rompers are the Best Choice for you.

They sculpt a sexy contour, show your personality, and match easily with your accessories.??




Throw in some floral pattern, frilly cuffs, and bang! You looked STUNNING.??




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Are you lazy?
Get a romper lar?
This romper can get you ready for the day in one minute.??



Don’t forget to leave the message and
share with us your ideal way to wear.

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Article Translated from 美丽说

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