Why Rollup When You Can Split Apart – Do Not Bound By Your Pants

Slits are common for skirts and dresses that have added up sexiness behind every ladies.??

It is always the top choice when comes to extra decorations.

A simple slit be can be dangerous especially for those who are pear shape-oriented.??

If the skirt is the main point, then switch your slits love to pants!

Do not bound by your pants, pants can be lusty too if you wear it right!??



Deep slits denim pants are the new evolution of jeans that kick away the boredom?

Airport outfit is easy to spot on to match with this little white pair of sneakers, classic yet trendy.?




Buttoned jeans inject the feeling to sway away back to retro rock with upgraded side slits.?




Spotted on this new way of presenting side slits with zippers!

This is as though the remote control of slits opening depends on your likes.??




Variety Queen Song Jia wears them all, be it for deep slits, low slits,

front slits and side slits, she wears them all? That’s right!

That’s the coolness we want!??




The special part about slits pants is that it combines palazzo pants with slits dress!??

High waistline with lengthy and deep slits are designed in

such a way to extend the lower body to look slim and tall.

Slits perfectly add on the sexiness of long legs.??


Especially when sitting down, unintentionally show off the thigh lines muscles is compulsory!

If not a pair of short hot pants can simply take them all up?





Slits + Palazzo + Bell Pants

If you are yet to own one, choose the one with the lightest and softest material.

These elements make the whole expression looks heavenly.??




Dancing effects by the slits pants have never been too late as compared to slits dress.

High and deep slits are suitable for girls with long legs and firm thigh line muscles.?Gorgeous?

This reminds me of Chinese Cheongsam that always comes with high side slits.??




I always overlook slits bell pants as one piece long maxi.

American model Devon Windsor speaks my point.??

Her mid slits until knee level sounds safe and secretive.

Even when she is on the go, the little exposure tells her beauty within.??




This plain black palazzo pants just nice as it is,

need not extra decorations or accessories to keep its secretive black.

Even just at ankles will not be faded under the spotlight.??




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Slits + Boot Cut Pants

Mentioning about retro rocks that must be the 90s era

boot cut pants which are our parents’ favourites at that time?

In fact, the retro fashion has been slowly coming back since last years but of course with upgraded version 2.0.??

The mainstream bootcut pants are redefined with

new slits on sides have turned the boot cut pants the newest modernity?




Pants with a little boot cut effects are the master of all slim fit?

It covers up the pelvic area and let the thigh muscle stays under cover.??




Often you will hear boot cut in jeans fashion?

However, it is not advisable for those that have big thigh to put on tight bell pant.

▼ All these flexible tight bell pants form parts of the retro from the past and today everyone is still in love with it?




Relaxed style of boot cut pants can helps to beautify the lower body part regardless it is front slits or side slits,

guarantee a bang for fashion magazine followers!??




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Track Pants + Slits

There is always nostalgic during our schooling especially when we flip through all our kiddo looks with school uniforms.

There will be no substitution in the fashion industry but the continuous innovation from past to present!??




Track pants define a new page in today chic fashion?

The twisted part of track pants between the past and the present is the addition slits in track pants.

The new way of wearing track pants with slits vary its suitability in different occasions.??




Slits track pants is the new athleisure styling among the youngsters and youths.

The casual chic behavior attracts modernity in the sense of casual and Monday blue?

Show off your ankle if you have bigger lower body with the new momentum.??




▼ I still remember I have a pair of track pants as this one!

With the white straps look as though as Adidas,

the side slits with buttons enable you to adjust the high and low of your own slits.??

With just a pair of sport shoes, this track pants become the year hottest sportswear!

Slits track pants go well with any kinds of shoes!?




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Modern Western Style

Nonetheless crafted with oversize, any pants ended with slits is another new trend.

Roll up and ripped seems common across the street.

With slits definitely a new element added for denim pants.?

Casually elegant followed by your footsteps knock out the rest and becomes the new street fashion?




Kendal Jenner and her sexy abs come good and clean with short tee and sporting parka.

Pay attention on her RTA Sonia ripped jeans, with the added slits and white sport shoes,

makes the ripped jeans special on her own simply even by matching with basic tee.??




Spotlight for Sienna Miller is the new pair shoes??, her overall presentation on the dark blues seem no surprises.

However, undeniably her Gucci split pant?? is as though the oldies song,

the more you look at it the more it looks compatible and tall on Sienna Miller by exposing her ankle.?▼




For working women that are usually put on long working pants,

change your style today by wearing pant with slits to break the boredom.?

Simple yet trendy, slits make one-self looks tall its own way?




Technically it relieves the traditional way of wearing pants.??

Why not to have some slits today on your pants?




Article Translated from 美丽说

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