The Most Sacred Gown In A Lifetime

There could be millions and billions of different dresses in the whole wide world but the most glamorous, the most beautiful, and the most sacred one has to be, admit it or not, the wedding gown?.

The white of a wedding gown could very well be described as the purest color of them all,

with the sunlight shining on the dress through the windows of the small church as the beautiful bride walks gracefully towards the love of her life,

and the reflection of the sunlight causes the gown to beam in a warm, joyful, and holy glow, just like the smile of happiness on the bride’s face.

Every girl gets to be a princess once in her lifetime, that’s on her wedding day.

That’s enough reason for us to choose for ourselves the most suitable wedding gown for the most important day of our life.



Bell Gowns


Bell gown is a type of the classic European style wedding gown, usually completed with chiffon,

decorated with lace and embroidery, the gown looks like it belongs in the fairy tale,

made out of thin air with a wave of the wand of the fairy god-mother.

The layering and majestic train of the dress is undeniably every girl’s daydream.


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Click to view > European And American Court Princess Wedding Dress


Click to view > Tube Top Princess Dream Long Tail

The classic palace style bell gown overflows with elegance and extravagance,

yet does not lose the romantic and lovely vibe a dress’s supposed to have.

The corset with Victorian style criss-cross straps at the back is decorated with hand embroidery,

making the whole look classy and luxurious.

The skirt is layered with top quality lace and chiffon, creating a pouf, which is super cute!


Click to view > V-neck Satin Simple Light Wedding Dress

If you are a minimalist you will LOVE this ivory, silk, V-neck bell gown?

On the top, the sleeveless bodice is simple and neat

while the plunging collar efficiently direct attentions to your beautiful neckline and sexy collarbones.

On the other hand, the chiffon-made skirt embroidered with flowers gives off a soft and gentle look,

creating a contrasting view with the top.



A-Line Gowns

The skirt of an A-line gown is fitted at the bodice and gently flares wider toward the bottom, resembling the letter “A”.

It looks good on most body types, but most flattering on a tall, slim girl??


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Click to view > trailing short sleeve A word Pendulum

This vintage style off-shoulder silk gown is?highly recommended to tall, lean girls.

This is because the off-shoulder collar could reveal the collar bones and bony shoulders which are beautiful figures that are most obvious on a lean girl.

Also, the exquisite lace decoration at the chest area serves as a highlight feature at the bodice, which cleverly divert the attention from the chest.

?The white silky waistband is there to make your waist looks smaller, follows by the ivory silky skirt which drops elegantly to your feet, the whole view is just like a princess straight out of the silver screen.


Click to view > Sexy Hollow A-line Skirt Lace Wedding Dress

V-neck collar could make the whole look more modern and stylish, not to mention sexier.

The bodice area is decorated with beads and embroidery, giving it a grandeur, romantic look

while the skirt is made of light-weight chiffon on top of silk, with a court style train if you’re looking for a classy yet not too exaggerated wedding gown.



Tea length Gowns


As time goes by, the modern youths nowadays prefer something simpler and more conventional over the complicated, long and heavy-looking traditional wedding gown.

Tea length wedding gown has become more and more popular nowadays among the youths because it is lovely, attractive, and absolutely exquisite.


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Click to view > Small Wedding Dress Short Paragraph High Bride Wedding Dress

This European style tea length little dress is definitely the best choice for a petite girl as it is decent and graceful yet still look lovely and youthful because of the unique length.

The see-through design from the shoulder area perfectly shows off your beautiful shoulders and back while the middle length sleeves could serve well in disguising the arms.

The ribbon at the back further creates a subtle, delicate beauty to the gown, makes you look like a sweet angel coming down from the heaven.


Click to view > One Shoulder Princess Bride Short Long Tail Wedding Dress

Bold, innovative chics should definitely consider this authentic, asymmetric wedding gown.

Knee length at the front side but long at the back,

this dress perfectly display your beautiful legs while looking modern and stylish.

The layering of the flounced chiffon makes the skirt cute and poufy, allowing you to look taller.

The bodice is decorated with embroidery and lace, topped with glittering crystals and beads, making it looks extravagant and luxurious.



A wedding in white is no longer a dream of the Western girls; the color white has become a popular,

the iconic color of a wedding gown in every part of the world.

It’s never too early for a woman to start looking for the perfect wedding gown for herself

because it’s gonna be a huge, important choice in her life??



Written by Ivy Chu

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