Velvet material has found its way back to the fashion industry,

however, it’s not a good news for the ordinary people like us because you need a really good figure to wear it.??

Even if you choose the one which is not body-hugging,

you’ll look like you’re wearing a pennant on you.


Look at the runways??



Look at the street snaps???

Anyway, things are different with velvet accessories, especially the CHOKER??

It adds a kind of retro-ness to your outfit, and it actually looks GOOD with suits or plaid shirts??



What is trending this year????

Don’t panic, the choker is not out of style.

Look at Kendal, there’ll always be a black choker on her neck whenever she appears in front of the camera.??


However, big and exaggerated CHOKER will make your neck looks short, not to mention it is not all-matching,

so don’t simply step into that territory.??



A CHOKER made of the metal material can create cool, punk look???

It’ll look great even with daily CASUAL?LOOK??

You’ll instantly look FASHIONABLE? and CLASSY??



You can also try wearing metal choker together with another choker of your choice.

But this is more recommended if you have a longer neck???


Kendal and Cara are seen wearing stacked choker, but Cara’s is more EYE-CATCHING??

Simple chokers are amazing too!

All you need is a simple black choker for your daily use.

It’s all-matching and low profile??

This choker introduced by Dior in 2017 was popular among the celebrities.??

You can also DIY one for yourself!

Put on bell, stones, or anything that you like and ta-da,

you have a choker made just for you.



A wideband choker is still trending this year???

Learn Yang Mi’s way of wearing it with a thin long necklace for a livelier look.

Create a biker look by wearing wide band choker with all black outfit.

Don’t try this if you have a round face!

Learn the lesson from Gigi.

Her neck looks short and her face looks chubbier with the choker.??



A double choker is also a nice option if you want a layering look??

It goes best with a simple plain top.

The?choker is so convenient that if you ever feel lazy,

just wear any plain top with jeans and then just put a choker on your neck and you’ll look wonderful like you’ve actually tried.





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Article Translated from 美丽说


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