The Secret to a Beautiful Neckline

Here we’re going to talk about something so popular that I bet all of us are so familiar with, the CHOKER.

It has been trending for many years and there’s no stopping it.

We have seen it everywhere, from the models on the runway to babes at shopping malls.

The reason that it is so popular is that its own presence can change your entire outlook and it goes surprisingly well with any STYLE!


– Choker –


Formula 1: Sporty style = Long top (Sweater, Tees, or camisole) + Bare legs + Thin Choker


Formula 2: Street style = Oversize jacket + Tees + Wide-leg pant + Broad choker


Formula 3: Sexy style = Deep-V/Boat neck + Tight mini skirt + Thin black choker


– 1 –

Thin Choker

A thin choker is the PERFECT one for those with shorter or bigger neck.

Do avoid broad choker if you fall into this category.



Do you realize how THIN CHOKER actually makes the figure of the neck look better?

It really makes a good accessory no matter the material and it is also suitable for daily use.

The rule of thumb here is:?simple is the best.



Broad Choker

A broad choker is a savior for long necks as it can help to adjust the proportion of the neck and makes the neckline looks better.

Good material is an IMPORTANT POINT to note for choosing a broad choker!



A broad choker is best for the cool badass style!




Complicated/Lace-up Choker

This kind of choker is becoming more and more popular these days.

My suggestion for you is to try out various styles to find the BEST STYLE for you.



Ribbon and jewellery create a UNIQUE combination!?




Here, the 3 errors to avoid when wearing a choker~


1. Does not match the shape of your face.

2.Does not match your outfit

3.Wrong design


So, AVOID these 3 errors and get the perfect choker for yourself!



Remember: Expose more skin = slimmer

Wanna have a perfect neckline and stand out among other girls?

Get one choker now!



More Chokers????

Click > Chokers











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