Here are some examples of MAKEUPS of stars with double eyelids such as Fan Bingbing, Cecilia Liu, Yang Mi and Dilraba Dilmurat,

and stars with single eyelids such as Zhou Dongyu, Liu Wen, Crystal Liu, and Kim Go-eun.

Let’s go through one by one and see which one that you like the most~?


??Stars with double eyelids??

Fan Bingbing

Fan’s look is basically red lips and big bright eyes, no doubt beautiful eyes is everything a woman could ask for.

The Fan looks beautiful in all angles, guess anyone with her face doesn’t really need a makeup to look PERFECT??

Yang Mi

Yang Mi’s eye makeup is basically lengthened eye lines.

Not too exaggerated, but just enough to make her eyes look bigger.

She has a natural advantage of being blessed with a small face??

Cecilia Liu

The secret to looking like a diva like Cecelia is to keep your makeup minimal and neat.

No exaggeration, and put more effort on eyes.

Cecelia’s style is just ELEGANT??



? No doubt girls should put more effort on eye makeups???

Here’s what we should pay attention to:


1??Use dark colour eyeshadow as a base.


2??Draw the inner line, and remember to lengthen the line


3??Use the brush to enhance the colour of the lower part of your eyes


4??Put on the eyelashes


5??Brighten up the corners of the eyes


6??That’s how you do a simple eye makeup



??Stars with single eyelid??

Many girls complained about their single eyelids or inner double eyelids??

What they didn’t know is how lovely they actually look.

Many celebrities with this characteristic are charming and beautiful in a unique way??


?Liu Wen

The China’s brightest fashion star who is also the first model of East Asian descent to walk the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

did not gain her fame by a normal ‘big bright eyes’,??

instead, she looks AMAZING with her unique single eyelids??


Zhou Dongyu

Zhou melts hearts in the TV show ‘Shall I compare you To a Spring day’ especially when her eyes close into a = straight line when she smiles~

Hence, as long as you are CONFIDENT you don’t have to worry about anything~???


Crystal Liu

Crystal actually has inner double eyelid but with the help of makeup,

her double eyelid looks more obvious, making her eyes look bigger~??





Narrow under-eye bags + Double eyelid tape


▲?Scroll down to learn how to do eye makeup for single eyelids???



1??Choose brown colour product with more GLITTERS~


2??Use normal eyebrow pencil to fill your brows~


3??Use the golden eyeshadow on the marked point so that your eyes would not look PUFFY.

And then, use normal eyeshadow to ENHANCE the eyeliner.


4??Enhance the shadowy effect on the outer corner of the eye and also the triangular area under the eyes~?


5??Now, brighten up the inner corner of the eyes~


6??Use brown colour under your eyes, but remember to open your eyes and look up when you do so.

Use eyelash curler and lastly, apply MASCARA~


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Article Translated from 美丽说


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