The Kind of Shirts You Need in Hot Weather

Living in Malaysia is like having free sauna session every time you step out into the streets.

It makes you drenched in sweat?? and pant like a dog??,

and it’s so hot?? that you want to just strip off every single piece of clothes on you ?


But it’s not like you can actually do that.

So, all you need is a simple and minimal clothing to stay cool?? in this weather.

T-shirt dress is the one you are looking for?

The T-shirt dress gives you a casual and youthful look.

It is chilling and comfortable to wear when the weather is hot.??




Also, if you are a mini size babe, try to avoid wearing it too loose or too long, the length of the

T-shirt dress should be just enough to cover half of your thighs to make you look taller.

??Note that the shorter the length, the taller you look.??

▼ You can wear shorts under your T-shirt dress to avoid exposure.




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?T-shirt dress is super simple yet stylish and cool.

Its pro is that you don’t have to crack your head about matching it with accessories?? or anything at all, just wear.

Its pro is that you don’t have to crack your head about matching it with accessories or anything at all,

just wear shoes?? and off you go!??




▼?You don’t have to even worry about what shoes to wear, high heels, sneakers or flip-flops,

you’ll look stylish just the same?




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Think it’s too simple? Add a jacket at your waist to up your level of stylishness.

It’ll not only emphasize your waistline and makes you look good, you can actually wear it when it gets cold.??




When you do so, choose a jacket with a similar colour tone as your T-shirt dress to give you an elegant look;

Or if you are bold enough, wear contrasting color as your T-shirt dress,

and suddenly you’re the most fashionable person on the street.??




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Article Translated from 美丽说

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