Short girl’s Saviour — How to Look Taller?

What to wear” is a common question asked among short girls.

If you wear it right, you can look tall visually.

Here’s Short Girls Outfits 101!

Who doesn’t want long legs~


Well, there are quite a few of short female celebrities, but not all are a good model to follow at dressing up.

However, Olivia Wang, the Chinese actress and model definitely stand out among them.??

She plays a part in the television series Ode To Joy, and her every appearance in the tv series is an inspiration to all short girls??~



Let’s go straight to the point??


Over-The-Knee Boots

?Over-The-Knee Boots is the key to the room of Looking Taller’.

Every short girl knows it instantly makes your legs look longer the moment you put it on.

Olivia Wang especially loves over-the-knee boots and she looks really good in them.


▲Dark grey hoodies with the trending irregular edges shorts look?Cool and Stylish.

Wear it with over-the-knee boots to look taller. The whole look is casual but stylish.


Just a simple sweater + shorts, but the boots make the whole look BETTER. Olivia Wang actually looks tall in it.


▼ Red and black, CLASSIC!


Don’t like high-heels? Doesn’t matter!

▼?Flat boots does the same magic~ It’s even better as you can wear it to school or to work~

Quickly get ONE now and watch it works its trick!



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Show your legs

Show your legs~ you’ll look not only taller, but SKINNIER.

Here’s another secret of Olivia Wang, show your legs~


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Again, Classic yet simple – sweater/tee + denim shorts ▲

Show your legs to look TALLER~


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Long-Sleeved Dress

Short girls should opt for?Long-Sleeved Dress to create a perfect body proportion~


The platform shoes that Olivia’s wearing is also the SAVIOUR of many short girls.


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High-Waist Trousers

Last key point of looking taller – High-Waist Trousers!


Olivia definitely rocked that bell-bottomed pants! She actually looks like she’s 6 feet tall~


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high-waist skirts

High-waist skirts works the same tricks~


▲ It not only makes you look taller, you’ll also look lady-like and elegant?


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Now, girls! The problem solved.??

It’s time to rock those looks~??




Article Translated from 美丽说

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