The Simplest Tricks To Effectively Sculpt Your Waistline, Wear A Belt Or Tie Up A Bow.

The weather is hot and people are wearing crop tops and shorts to show off their curves.

Unconsciously I pinched my waist and it accused me of skipping the gym for that binge Kdrama marathon.

That’s why we usually just wear an oversized shirt over our body, to cover those extra weights.

But the truth is, wearing an oversized shirt wouldn’t make you any slimmer.

Have a look at this comparison below:?▼



Despite an oversized shirt is effective in covering the extra pounds,

but tying a belt around your waist sculpts your figure better and looked better.




A belt can make on your oversized long shirt



Occasionally we would like to wear our boyfriend’s shirt,

but it would usually look like a cute sleepwear.

The solution? A BELT to make it chic.


To go for an extra mile in toning down your waist, strap a jacket or cardigan around it.


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Tying up your T-shirt



This is another good way to make your waist looks slim.

Remember to stretch the sides out so it looks casual!


Tie the knot higher up your waist and fashion another high-waist skirt then it will create an appearance of slim and tall.

Stands out among the crowd with a tie at the back, presenting a unique blend of stylish, elegant, and forward fashion taste.▼




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Lower Garments


Don’t assume that these knot tricks are only for upper garments, lower garments can do that too.

A simple knot on the built-in belt makes a huge difference in PERSONALIZING your style~



Nevertheless, it suits for short skirts too.?▼



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Paper Bag Trousers


Trousers and jeans are trending for their versatility to match any outfits,

but it is sometimes too simple for the trendy ladies.

This creates a new trending fashion of paper bag trousers.



Paper bag trousers also INSPIRED another trending fashion style,

the flower bud shorts where a belt styles the shorts into looking like a budding blossom.


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Master these tricks and effortlessly sculpts your waistline or hide those extra desserts away!


Article Translated from 美丽说

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