Slay like a Queen at the Gym – Gym Bags

Going to the gym is easy:

put on any suitable shirt, pants, shoes, and pick up all your motivations and JUST GO.

Yeah, that’s all the basic, necessary stuff, but you’re still gonna need a gym bag to carry all your tools and accessories!


Here are some of the bags that good quality for the gym.

We girls like to change handbags often, but you might not wanna do the same your gym bag as it will be unnecessary and costly, right?

So buy one with good quality and use it till the world end~


– 1 –

Barrel bag桶包

Barrel bag is the most commonly used gym bag.

It is big and spacy, hence it can store much of your stuff especially if you’re heading to work or some else straight after gym,

Barrel bag to hold your towels, garments, shampoos and everything else!

Normally, a barrel bag will also have compartments so that you can keep your dirty and clean garments separately also.


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This barrel bag comes in 3 color options: Peach Powder, Candy Orange, and Cool Black which satisfy both sweetheart-type or bad girl-type gym girls~

Also,?it can be a waterproof bag that divided into three major compartments: dry, wet, and shoe compartment.

It is so waterproof that it is said that even fish can live in it????

One bag many uses. Totally worth the money!




Drawstring bag抽绳袋

If you do not have that many stuff for such a big gym bag, you could consider a drawstring bag.

It’s smaller, with no compartments or only one pocket.


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Click to view > DrawString Backpack



As you are going to the gym with it, you would want your bag to be waterproof, wear-resistant, and durable.

These drawstring bags fulfill all the requirements. They also have an extra pocket to store your items separately.

They are also described to have shoulder straps that are wear-resistant, durable, and antiskid so that they won’t slip off your sweaty shoulder after working out??



Click to view > Leisure Rope Bag



This gradient color sporty drawstring bags are not only stylish to look at,

but are also very useful as they are waterproof, flexible, and durable. How cool!




Shoe bag鞋袋


Shoe bag comes in handy when your bag does not have enough space for another pair of shoes or do not have a shoe compartment to separate dirty shoes from your clothes.

Well, it may be called a “shoe bag” but it is not necessary for shoes.

A shoe bag is normally dimensional, or box-like, so it’s perfect if you like to arrange your stuff neatly as it can keep your items in place.

So it can also be an alternative for drawstring bag in which your stuff would become quite a mess.


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Click to view > Easy Travel Shoe Bag



It’s time to invest in a good gym bag for yourself if you frequent the gym and need something to hold your stuff.

You will find that it is definitely worth it as you will need these bags not only for the gym,

but also for travelling, hiking, and other outdoor activities????



Written by Ivy Chu




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