Slay like a Queen at the Gym – Part 1: Tops

Have you ever encounter this kind of situation as below:

1. You’ve finally decided that today is a good day to start exercising.

2. You’re all fired up.

3. You’re ready with your running shoes and sports attire and everything needed for a wonderful run at the park,

and the next thing you know, it started raining cat and dog.??


Well, it’s not a situation strange to my fellow Malaysian when nowadays the weather here is highly UNPREDICTABLE.??

This second it’s a bright blue sky and in a blink of an eye, it pours.

Well, it looks like even the weather won’t let me keep fit???



You are going to pull yourself together and go to the gym! This is what the GYM is for!

It’s a place that exists to provide you with comfort and convenience.

It is equipped with all the impressive-looking machines, dumbbells, and most important, a rooftop!

So you don’t have to skip your exercise routine whether it rains or shines!


Well, let’s start with something normal and mostly acceptable first – T-shirts??




Although T-shirts are normal, they don’t have to be ordinary and dull!

We can still look awesome in tees as long as we remember a few tips.

First, it has to be FIT – not too small, not too loose.


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Second, be colorful! You can brighten up your gym routine with colorful t-shirts??

It always looks sharp and attractive!??


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Couple shirt

Level up your t-shirt game by wearing matching tees with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

If it hurt the other gym-goers’ eyes, well, they can always wear sunglasses don’t they~


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Crop top

Still, think T-shirts are boring?

Alright then maybe we should add something more to it to make it more fun.

Oops, I mean, make it lesser, maybe shorter???

The cross design is so FASHIONABLE and is definitely gonna make people do a double take??


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Long-sleeves looks good too!

And this is absolutely something to wear to the gym when it’s clearly stated on the design~


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Tank top

Now, let’s make it even lesser.

The tank top is actually very suitable as a gym outfit because it is minimal and hence quick drying.

It is normally light and simple, which are the perfect characteristics of a gym shirt!


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No matter what style you prefer,

the RULE of thumb of choosing a gym shirt is to make sure that it is breathable and quick drying.

This is not all!

If you’re looking for a gym shirt that is not only practical but also instagrammable,

stay tuned to PART 2 of this article where we will continue to look up some cute gym outfits!??



Written by Ivy Chu

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