Slay like a Queen at the Gym (Part 2: Tops)

We all know that GYM is a place to work your guts out and to push your limits to obtain a beautiful, toned, and muscular body.

But every girl knows that there’s another hidden function of the gym – A PLACE TO TAKE SELFIES!

Only gym girls to know the satisfaction of successfully capturing a perfect selfie of her covered in the sweat of hard work and of her face blushing with all the effort and passion she had put into her training.

In the previous article Slay like a Queen at the Gym (Part 1: Tops) we look up some basic gym tops including a T-shirt, Crop top, Tank Top and Couple shirt.

Now, we are gonna level up a bit and look at something more cool-looking and more fashion~

Buckle up, girls!??



See-through t-shirt

A see-through t-shirt is basic yet UNIQUE.

It is a t-shirt that is feminine and sexy.

You might be too shy to go to shopping malls in the see-through t-shirt, but it is definitely a good gym shirt for its BREATHABILITY.


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This even come in a set of t-shirt, sports bra, and shorts!

The combination of the bright red sports bra and white or black see-through tee is highly recommended!

It looks so good I bet no one can take their eyes off you.



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If a wholly see-through shirt is too much for you, you might wanna try this out.

This shirt looks like a normal tee in front but once you turn around you might make people’s jaws drop~


-?2 –


Backless design is common in gowns and dresses as it presents a classy look, not to mention that it is elegant and sexy.

But it doesn’t have to be just a design common in party dresses or nightgowns,

it is also highly SUITABLE as a design for gym shirt as the backless design makes it very BREATHABLE and QUICK_DRYING!


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A backless gym shirt is like a coalition of toughness and elegance.

Cute and practical!??




– 3 –

Front Design

Front design is also very important as it is the first thing that people see before anything else.

To leave an impression in other’s mind, you might wanna make sure that the front look of your outfit is attractive.



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This shirt is simple and basic but it has a special cross design at the collar.

It doesn’t only has a wide collar that reveals your sports bra,

it is also a crop top that exposes your waist.

Go on and show off your body!!




That’s all for gym tops!

There are many many more tops at SGshop, go ahead and look up for the one cuter, more fashionable, and most importantly, more suitable for yourself!

No matter what, this first thing you need to consider while looking for gym apparels is breathability, quick-drying, and maybe flexibility depends on your work out.





Written by Ivy Chu

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